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Oh, right, I have a blog

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:09pm

It's odd that the one thing that stops me from blogging for almost a week is a blogging conference. The busier my life gets, the less time I have to write about it. Let's just stick to bullet points so I can take another nap while my body tries to figure out what time zone I am in.

  • In San Francisco they paint their houses pink, purple, orange, blue and all sorts of beautiful colors. If I see a purple house in Indiana I automatically wonder, "Was purple paint on sale that week?"

  • I could not get over how many hills there are in San Francisco. The world has a third dimension, did you know that? Every time I'd drive up a street I'd say, "Wow, look at that hill!" Indiana is so flat that it was shocking to be able to see buildings rising up above and below me on sharp inclines.

  • I now have 4 USB flash drives. Thank you, swag tables.

  • My panel went very well. I did not fall off the stage and I kept my legs crossed so I didn't give anyone a panty shot up my dress.

  • Someone suggested they should sell T-shirts that say "I got fat at BlogHer." If they did, I'd be the first to buy one in an XL. This city is the home of Ghirardelli chocolate and they don't let you forget it. Cookies, cupcakes, and croissants, oh my.

  • I arranged a royal tete-a-tete withPrincess Nebraskaand got to meet Mr. E and the adorable lil' Eli. When she was asked what she was going to do that day she got to tell people, "I'm meeting a weight loss theIn-N-Out Burger," because I am a weird kind of weight loss blogger. They don't have In-N-Out Burgers in the Midwest and I had to partake while I could. They were very kind to drive me all around town site-seeing. We mostly stayed in the car though, because it was FREEZING, and because they had a big bag of taffy in the front seat that was difficult to pull myself away from.

  • I got to meet several other bloggers in person and can verify they are real people and not artificial intelligence programs, including (in the order I pulled their cards out of my big plastic baggie of business cards): Mo fromBig Fat Deal, Anne and Weetabix fromElastic Waist, Stephanie fromBack in Skinny JeansandNoshtopia, Kalyn fromKalyn's Kitchen, Zandria fromZandria.usand the BlogHer site, Carmen fromThe ELLF Diet, Susan fromMr. and Mrs. Get Fit, Stephanie Klein fromGreek Tragedy, Corrinna fromA Celebration of Curves, my roommateAnne-Mariefroma zilliondifferentblogs,Busy Momand lots of other people, but I am too lazy to enter all of their URLs in this post and they will now hate me forever for not link-checking them. Sorry!

  • Lots of other fun, interesting things happened, as well as a couple weird, not as fun things, none of which are appropriate to talk about on this blog. These events will stay sealed in my secret vault forever.

  • BlogHer attendees were KRAZEE aboutTwitter. I now feel intense pressure to Twitter even though I don't really want to. Tweet!

  • Overall, it was interesting to observe how a group of 1000 women (and some men) interact with each other.

Okay, back to bed. Someday I will have the energy to unpack and sort through my backlog of email, but probably not today.

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