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Oh, Kelly Clarkson.

Posted Mar 07 2012 1:31pm
I'll admit that I skulk around - it's one of my favorite websites because I like to torture myself by looking at beautiful celebrities.  Although really, the people who run the site represent lots of various body types as beautiful and don't bash, for the most part.

Anyhoo, I had noticed in a recent commercial that Kelly Clarkson was looking fuller these days, and then I happened upon this post .  Wow, wow.

Now, I will say, the shot on the left was right after American Idol when she was SUPER popular, and I noticed she LOST weight after American Idol.  Presumably because of the pressure, stardom, touring, publicity and I'd also guess, pressure from her label.  However, the difference is still stark.

Kelly, girl, I feel you.  If you all want to know the kind of up and down roller coaster that I am used to... it's a lot like Kelly Clarkson's battle with extra weight.  Up and down.  Up and down.  SO frustrating.

Oh, but did I mention... she's an amazing singer?  And her new album is great?  Because that's true, yo.  The girl can blow.

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