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Oh, alcohol!

Posted Apr 18 2012 2:08pm
Well, I'm officially taking a little break from my social drinking.  A whole evening of drinking is equivalent to a whole day's worth of food... and I love drinking!  I do think that even with my healthy eating, the drinking was keeping too many calories in my body.  I definitely like to drink, I mean, DRINK when I drink... but that really adds up those calories.  For example
5oz Pino Grigio = 114 calories
5oz Riesling = 112 calories
1 pint Magner's Cider = 210 calories
12oz Blue Moon = 171 calories
Vodka Cranberry = ~160 calories

So.  Imagine I drink my usual 4-6 glasses of wine on a drinking night.  And keep in mind they are LARGE glasses of wine, and absolutely not 5oz glasses.  That's probably around 1,000 calories just for the alcohol.  Or, if I drink five or so ciders... that's around 1,050 calories.

Add to that, after I drink, I always want to eat.  It's easier to go to a diner and get breakfast food, or to go to Taco Bell or eat pizza or something.

Cutting out liquor for a while is a very easy way to cut calories.  :)

In other news!

I just got back from a 3500 mile, 4-day storm chase.  We had a huge cooler with tons of fruit and veg in it, and made healthy choices otherwise when we could (ie: salad & baked potato at wendy's, or subway instead of McDonald's or some other garbage.) -- I also wound up with a 12-hour flu or something after eating some shrimp / baked potato and chips & queso.

(For the photos & such, visit my storm chasing blog here:  )

I'm doing the "Photogs who Lose it" weight loss group (locally) - and in two weeks I've gone from 171.8 to 169.2.  I would like to maintain that loss, around 1 pound per week would be fine with me.  Ultimately if I could drop another 10-13 pounds and be between 155 and 159 that'd be amazing.  Here's hoping!

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