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OCD overload

Posted by Jessica G.

I have been going well on my weight loss success for quite some time now. It took me forever to figure out that weight loss has to be a life program. Most people look at weight loss as something they want to achieve and get it done with then resume to their next need-to-do task. I looked at it in the same sense. After many failed attempts at losing weight, it finally clicked. It wasn't from trainers and success stories. I had to realize it myself. I had to see results.

Anyways, I am currently on my last 15 pounds. I realized what is keeping me from conquering those last pounds is my OCD. I have it pretty bad and have put it in my health plans. I feel like I have to have an exact regimine and day I will work out, time, meal, feeling, place, etc.. I am thinking way too much into it. I am making it so hard on myself that it's not feeling natural.

My New Year's Resolution for weight loss is to lighten up. I don't mean on my plans for eating and excercise. i mean on myself. I don't have to get all military. Or else the whole realization of life change will never happen.

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