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obety-weightloss pill is this safe to loss weight

Posted by KALYANI

i am 25yrs,married for 7 yrs, i have already used this pill to lose weight in 2007,2 pills a day  one in morning and one at night  with severe dieting. i lose 34 pounds.after c section in 2009 i lost my baby girl and now i put on lots of weight,now i am 95kgs. i am in a lot of depression because of my weight.i want to reduce atleast  20 pounds to get pregnant again. can i use this  pill again to lose weight pls help
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I do hope you are successful in your attempt to get pregnant. Please do not go through severe dieting or take a weight loss pill. Many have been shown to be toxic to the liver and there are really no effective ones on the market right now. Please get your body into healthy and fit shape by eating correctly, especially taking folic acid to prevent birth defects that occur early in the pregnancy and getting your muscles in shape so you feel energetic and strong during your pregnancy. Moreover if you decrease carbohydrates in order to lose weight, you will decrease serotonin and INCREASE your stress levels and that may prevent you from getting pregnant. Checkout our suggestions for losing weight, staying calm and getting fit on our web page, www. serotonin power diet .com or face book. But do not try to get pregnant by severe dieting. It will do you and your future baby no good at all. 
Be safe and good luck with your weight loss program...I have been watching Losing it with Jillian michaels, I tihnk it on a 8 on tuesdays...she is tough but so inspirational and really sends great advice. I have lost ten pounds in the past month by working out and changing eating habits. Hopefully this can help you with your situation!
I have never been a fan of taking pills, I'm afraid that there may be side effects. Check out the Essential Weight Loss Handbook that I am reading on how to maintain a healthier and sexier life and body. Good day!
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