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Obese Criminal sues jail for weight loss

Posted May 15 2008 5:02pm

fat kid
So this must go down as the “wackiest weight loss” story of the year.

Broderick Lloyd Laswell, an inmate at the Benton County jail , has filed a lawsuit against the jail because he’s lost nearly 100 pounds while he’s been awaiting trial for murder.

Broderick entered the prison at a whopping 408 pounds…..This gentle giant who allegedly fatally beat and stabbed a man, is complaining that the menu just isn’t up to scratch….providing only 3000 calories a day.

“I could still eat a horse and chase the jockey” is the nightly call from the prison dining hall….But Why is he complaining?

100 pounds off his frame is just what he needs….it’s better for his health and possibly his jail love life…especially if he’s going to spend the rest of it inside.

And while we’re on that subject, allegedly, the latest reports from the Arkansas jail is that the hunger bug is spreading..apparently his cell mate was caught biting his pillow throughout the night yesterday because he was still peckish after dinner.

(For any inmates reading our blog tonight…we’re just joking about the pillows…sorry)

Ok, so I’m poking fun at the big fella….On a serious note though, does this character have a legitimate complaint…a man who allegedly killed a man…an obese man who’s now losing heaps of weight which is good for him….can this man sue for weight loss?

What’s next…..”Let me out your honor it wasn’t me…it was the other 100 pounds that did it…not me”…and stand by for the “Arkansas prison diet” book…someone has to be writing it as we speak?

Embrace the weight loss big man and drop the law suit….the courts have got more important things to do with their time.

What do you think?


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