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Oats Lower Cholesterol: Maybe?

Posted by AregM

Writer's Answer
Every time sciences finds a good correlation between food and health - a food manufacturer will try to isolate it and oversell it. This is the case with oats. Oats are a great food - particularly for breakfast - but Quaker have taken it a bit too far calling their oats "The Cholesterol Hunter". A recent review of research found that patients who were consuming oatmeal foods (for more than 4 weeks) had lower LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol declined 6.9mg/dL. In the scheme of things this isn't much. LDL cholesterol ratings - mg/dL (according to NHLBI): * <100 Optimal * 100-129 Near optimal/above optimal * 130-159 Borderline high * 160-189 High ....Continued on
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