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Nutrition, Learning, and Mud Races

Posted Oct 17 2013 10:23am


Wow… my first post in 6 months. I got to say I’ve missed putting words to paper. Where do I start?

First, I really saw the light over the last year that’s lead me to the absolute realization of the importance of integrating good nutrition into people’s lives. I’ve seen so many phenomenal life changing results in clients as my priorities shifted from what they were putting on the bar to what they were putting in their mouths.

I been busy coaching but more importantly busy learning as much as I can about the human machine we call our body. If I can offer you one piece of advise it’s seek professional help from a nutritionist or naturopath and get started on the journey of discovering how to create the optimal balance in eating the foods that make you feel the best. It’s never easy to start but makes a huge difference in the end.

On top of learning, I been doing a lot of teaching as well. The hardest challenge is filtering all the good information you want to share. I never thought I’d have the nerve to stand in front of a big crowd, but here I am a year later and I can’t get enough of it. Thanks to all the hard work I have the opportunity to speak at The Calgary Canfitpro Conference this saturday and I couldn’t be more excited.

Another past time that has entered my life is the “Mud Race” addiction. It started with the Tough Mudder in Whistler, where we had an amazing weekend some great friends. Then it moved onto the Spartan Super in Red Deer, and the Spartan Beast In Sun Peaks where I placed 7th overall in the elite heat for guys with my girlfriend taking gold in women’s.

As silly as some people may lead you to believe these races are, I think their a true test to the human body and mental fortitude. Unlike other sports there’s no defined rules or techniques. You run, climb, crawl, then encounter random challenges you may or may or not of seen before. Unlike a race race, you’re constantly distracted. One slip of the mind, you’ll lose your pace and be left behind at the obstacles.

The last race we did in Sun Peaks got cut short to 16km due to 15 cm of snow at the top. I was not prepared, and was thankful the organizers had me buy an additional long sleeve 15 minutes before start time. We took off in light rain and near freezing temperatures. After climbing over 1500m we were faced with blowing snow and as you can imagine slippery conditions on the way back down.

At about 1:30 minutes into the race I got about the biggest runners high I ever experienced. I just finished carrying a heavy sand bucket up a hill in what felt like forever, I then ran down a hill thinking we wouldn’t make any more elevation gains. I was wrong and we started climbing again. I wanted to stop so bad and give up when I had this feeling come over me. I knew at that moment how mental this thing was. Hard, but I knew I had the energy to go on. My legs suddenly felt no pain and I was able to push and push till we made the final elevation gain and back down to the finish.

I was about 7 minutes behind first place, but the only thing that stood in my way was attitude. The feeling I got 1:30 in, the winner had at the beginning. And I know that’s true because I chatted with him after.

Train hard and prepare yourself, when the moment is right don’t ask yourself if you’re ready, just realize you already are.


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