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November 19th 2011

Posted Nov 19 2011 5:59am
Hey bloggers! Hope all is well. I appologize if I havent been on more often however for those who dont already know I have also taken on to quiting smoking as another venture of mine (like my life wasnt crazy already). Being that this was my first can imagine how I have been kind of occupied to say the least :-)

But, that being said I wanted to let you ALL know that I do not plan on just leaving this blog. I will still come here for my weekly weigh in's and updates every Saturday for as long as I can.

This week I managed to lose 5lbs~! I am really happy about that. I think alot of that weight has to do with me drinking tons of water this week, and trying to eat less carbs and sugar for the most part because they are more on the side of addictive foods. Those few things made a huge difference as far as numbers regarding my weight loss this week. I would not suggest being all stricked about it like the atkins. You dont have to be that strict in order to lose. I love when people talk about diets because I know now in the end it really does come down to calories. Thats it. There is nothing hard to understand. You dont have to eat just meat with all the fat...and na....all you have to do is eat what your calorie intake should be and that is with ANY diet or shall I say eating plan you wish that works best for YOU. You need to figure that out and also figure out how many calories you should be eating to lose weight. sure it helps if you eat more meat and veggies and fruits not only will be more satisfied with the protien you are taking in bloatiness with those foods either thats for sure unlike if you ate carbs. THose foods wont cause you that...but in the end..its calories friends or less calories that will make you actually lose weight. Dont let anyone tell you different.

Anywaysy, I am just really commited right now in seeing those numbers on the right hand side of this screen continue to go down from here on in. I dont care if it is only .5 lbs a week or 5 a week...I just want to see a negative every single week until I get to my goal weight. Thats all I want now. I am sick of being in the 200's again! Its just completely ridiculous. And I dont even want to be some over the top tight toned and perfectly modeled like clay body..i dont give a damn about that. What i do want however is to be considered "normal". Thats right.."normal". To be able to start having more variety in my clothes again..not alot but more. To be able to be considered healthier. To carry myself better and a little more confident. Isnt this what most of us want? We are not greedy in the end...we just want the basics thats all ;-)
I dont want to be obsessed anymore regarding numbers on the scale or even going to work out. I obviously cant handle that pressure as you all know anyways. I just want to slowly lose weight, be happy, and try to better my life in many different areas if  I can. Having some kind of balance you know.
 Like yesturday even though I had a pretty good week regarding eating whole natural foods, I splurged yesturday..and as you see, it didnt hurt my numbers this morning. So you can have both worlds. You dont need to obsess and make yourself miserable. Just keep in your mind your main goal....and keep working towards it taking even smaller steps towards it too. Any little change that will help you long term.
Personally I really do believe that people should try to stick with whatever eating plan for your 6 days a week. And only try and cheat once a week. Why? Well because from my experience in regards to weight...people who have weight issues, cannot deal well with change well or being overloaded with choices. so if you are all over the place as far as foods, and have no routine, no specifics planned out for yourself,  I think this only makes it that much harder to lose in the long run. We get off target easily.  You have to be specific throughout. And be commited for those 6 days. It may get boring, but sometimes boring isnt bad. You have to weigh the pros and cons. If it helps you stick it out/stick with the program, then thats usually key.
Not every diet is for everyone. As they say its not the diet that fails in the end. You have to find out what best suits you. Is it low calorie low fat, is it high protien, low carb, is it the visalus shakes being routine with those everyday twice a day thats seemed to work best...there must be a diet when looking back where you just noticed you were happier on it or it worked better then the others.
You know though, keep in mind that just by cutting out sugar for the most part and breads...right there, you will make a difference in your weight. sugar foods not only have alot of calories..but they once again as I have said are HIGHLY addictive foods. Therefore you cannot just have a little usually. And 20 mins later..your hungry again. Thats why you/we should limit them as much as possible. Same thing with things like bread. Calories arent too bad, but I just find I feel bloated and heavier, and that is for me and probably for others ANOTHER addictive food group. I mean no joke, if I have toast in the morning I cannot just have "1 slice" not sure if you can but I cant. I need at least 2..and then not long after I notice I want more carbs. So these are foods you really need to be careful with.

If you choose to have leaner meats instead as the main part of your diet..well, now we're talking. Protien is so great in many ways as far as even losing fills you up much more faster and keeps you satisfied for a longer period, its not an addictive food like carb and sugar foods are, if anything it tends to help you lose that hunger that we all carry ALL the DAMN time. I get so sick of that! The only thing I loved about protien diets and atkins at the time when I really into after a few short days...miraculously your just not hungry anymore. Your big huge steak that you started eating with on the diet...and the rack of ribs and the half of chicken that you are lets say "with skin"...doing what you read to splurge until your hearts content.."no need to count just eat till your full" people flocking to that thats great...what a great way to lose weight...WELL....after a few days,,,you cannot eat even close to what you were having in the first day or 2. Cause protien stays in your body and takes a longer time to digest compared to the other foods.

So this is why its a good idea to have good protien with each meal, I wouldnt suggest overloading on the fat content. But like have your egg or eggs and lunch have a good hearty salad with you know tuna or lean chicken breast slices....dinner have your main lean meat or fish...again a nice salad with a good side of steamed veggies. Inbetween for snacks you can if you want have like a little bit of cottage cheese, perhaps some veggies and dip, fruit.....try and stay as close to whole as possible though with your choices and you will always be making the right ones.

All I know is that I personally want to continue to make better choices. Nothing over the top like I said, but just enough to see a constant decrease in my weight each week even if just half a pound. I dont care!

Well, this is my update for today. Thanks for reading and remembering to come back. Will be back here again next Saturday to do my week's weigh in..hoping to continue doing well.
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