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Not Yo Mama’s Shamrock Shake!

Posted Mar 12 2011 6:55am

Just a quick Saturday post! No, I’m not done with the business taxes, but I just couldn’t stay away from the blog!

This is a picture of my two little girls. Drinking spinach smoothies!

These two little girls are VERY picky little eaters. As in, “we only eat chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, shoe string french fries and broccoli…ONLY IF its just the ‘flowery’ part of the broccoli (NO STEMS!!!!)“.

Getting these two to eat veggies could very well be my 2nd 3rd 4th job.

Enter the “shamrock shake”! Luckily, my kids can’t read yet and they watch a lot of PBS so they don’t see many McDonald’s commercials. Therefore, they have no inkling of what the real Shamrock Shake is.

As I thought about my own quest to add veggies to my day, I thought I’d try and get the girls to play with me. So I used the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday to get some more green foods into our day.

Now, I know the spinach smoothie, aka “Green Monster” is common around these parts, but I give credit to Roni and for the recipe I used with my kids.

When my kids hear “honey”, they get excited, so I used that as the selling point for the smoothies. And while I was a bit nervous about actually showing them the spinach going into the blender, the two of them knocked me off my feet by actually asking for some “leaves” to munch on while we prepped the blender!

The result?

The girls FINISHED their smoothies before I even had a chance to make my own!

Who are these kids??

Lesson of the day: Never say never.  And everything sounds yummy when there’s honey in it!

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