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Not the 'New Year' I Had in Mind...

Posted Jan 30 2013 9:22pm
Sick in bed and mad that I am sick and in bed..

January has pretty much come and gone.. one day left in the month and all I can say is adios!

Right after my Jan 1st post, my daughter developed some weird red spots on her neckline and chest area. I thought it was eczema and started treating her with hydrocortizone. They didn't get better and they spread. She started out with 6 or 7 and within a couple days, she had about 20 spots total. Then they started getting bigger and bigger.. I took her to urgent care and turns out she had a skin fungus. We were told to head to the pharmacy for some cream and we started treating her spots. By the end of the week, she had 32 spots. Most of the spots have disappeared, but she still has a few places on her face and neck that are still visible. She missed two days of school and then wore turtlenecks for the rest of the week. Turns out, the fungus was contagious to the touch. I ended up with two spots myself and the dog got three! Geez louize! Cream for us all..

Once all the spot mess got all cleared up and we were able to come out of our house.. but only for a few days because then my son came down with sore throat and fever. Ugh. He was sick for about 2 days.. Then it hit me.. like a brick. I had the major sore throat and chest pain. No fever, but I felt like someone had beat me with a bat and left me for dead. It was an awful feeling. I was pretty much bed ridden. My kiddos took such good care of me.. bringing me water and helping me out around the house. They lived on eggos and fruit snacks pretty much.. I did order them a pizza one night. On day 7, I finally started to feel better and I did a couple loads of laundry. I had no voice for about 3 days so that made it hard to communicate on the phone with my husband and mom.. I had to write things down for my kids. Sickest I have ever been.

This whole being stuck in the house and then getting sick really got me down.. I started feeling so low and depressed. I wish I could say I kept a positive attitude about it all, but that's just not it at all. I wanted to give up. Then on Day 8, I had reached that point that I knew I wasn't getting better, I was getting worse and I really needed help. I got up that morning and made it to the living room floor where I laid while the kiddos got ready for school. I could not function at all. My throat and chest was on fire again and my cough/phlegm was absolutely disgusting. The kiddos left for school and I made it back to my bed. I woke up a couple hours later in a pile of sweat. I knew I needed to get to the doctor and I needed a shower badly. I hit the shower and right when I was done and opened the curtain to get out, I crashed. I laid on the bathroom floor seeing spots. I couldn't hardly breathe. I was starting to panic. I laid there until the spots passed and then got dressed. I dried my hair the best I could and got in the car and headed to urgent care.

I sat in the waiting room for an hour and fell asleep in my chair. I finally got to go back to a room and the doctor came in. He asked questions and checked ears, nose, throat, and listened to my chest and back. Severe bronchitis.. borderline pneumonia.

Me with inhaler.. lifesaver!
He prescribed antibiotics, inhaler, and codeine cough syrup. He said I should have been to see him days ago.. my husband and good friends would agree, but stubborn me wouldn't go. Next time, I won't wait til the last minute to get to the doctor. I got my meds and went home and back to bed.

Have you ever had codeine cough syrup?? OH MY GOSH! They might as well prescribe a shot of Jack Daniels! Absolutely disgusting! It made me make that "that's sooooo gross face" for a few minutes. I still get queezy thinking about that taste. The first dose, I had no idea so I poured some into a spoon and drank it.. I can't accurately describe the taste. Disgusting doesn't do justice. I didn't notice much help from it that night, so I doubled the dose the next night.. This time, I tried it as a water/cough syrup concoction and also had a chewable orange vitamin C ready to go to help with the after taste.. Still absolutely disgusting, but did notice it helped me a lot better that night. How the hell do people get addicted to that crap!?!?!?! EEww. I couldn't take it again, so I poured it down the drain.. Husband wasn't too happy about that since that second dose seemed to help me... Sorry honey, it was too much for me. Ick.

So I'm still using my inhaler and I do feel a million times better, but there are still times that the cold air outside takes my breath away and still coughing up junk. Read that the cough can linger for up to 4 weeks after treatment. If the cough lasts longer, guess what... back to the doctor. Yippy.

I've been to the gym a handful of times this month and now after being sick, it's like starting over. I finally made it back yesterday and I did push hard through my shoulder/arm workout, but I def didn't overdue. I didn't lift as heavy as I did previously and I didn't get my 5 sets done, only got 3 sets of each exercise.. But heck! It's progress! Gotta get back to it slowly.

Jan 15th, a couple days before the sickness attacked me

Juicing! Ahhhhhhh good stuff :)

I bought a new toy at the beginning of the month and only got to use it a couple times before getting sick.. A juicer!!!!!  I've heard amazing things about juicing and I am such a picky veggie eater so I def do not get the veggies/nutrients my body needs. I wouldn't ever eat a cucumber, beets, or tomatoes, but I can juice them with other fruits/veggies and drink it! Tastes pretty good with a scoop of vanilla protein also. I'm also finding out that ginger has TONS of health benefits!!! When I was sick, a good friend brought me some ginger root and gave me a ginger/lemon tea recipe. Oh my goodness, sooo good!!!

Here is the recipe:
1 cup boiling water
1 inch piece raw ginger root
(Use a grater, goes in tea)
1 tsp raw honey
(I use agave light nectar, low glycemic and tastes the same) however if your throat hurts use the honey, natural remedy for sore throats.
1/4 fresh organic lemon
Let sit for 5 min, drink up!
I was really surprised at how good it tasted :) I've seen tons of juicing recipes that call for an inch or so of ginger also. Click here for health benefits of Ginger Root .

lemon/cucumber water

I found this cute 1L bottle at Target today on clearance for $6 and came home and filled it up! Cut up 1 lemon and 2 mini cucumbers and filled with water. It's in the fridge and will sit overnight and be ready to drink in the morning. Can't wait!

Thank goodness a new month is just around the corner! I plan on smashing February!!!!! I am getting back on track :)

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