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Not much time left until summer OFFICIALLY hits..time to step it up a notch!

Posted Apr 13 2009 11:48pm
Well as you can see I managed to put up another counter. One which is somewhat scary for some people but nontheless realistic. I mean, to think summer is only officially a few months away now. One which I plan on really enjoying.

HEY..but if you havent started trying to shed those extra inches as of yet, don't get depressed over it...alot can be done in 2 months..take it from me.!!! So if you havent started kicking yourself yet.... NOW would be a great time to start doing it! Now that Easter is over with, there is not much coming up in the next go for it! I am.

So, its time for me to really get serious on shedding a few of those unwanted poundages, at least thats my plan before summer really hits anyways..I better stop the joking remarks and get focused again..LOL

I mean there is nothing worse when the hot weather strikes and you are just too embaressed or don't feel comfortable enough for YOU to even DRESS comfortable for the weather. We all know what thats like... IT SUCKS!!

Not this year for me though. I plan on wearing a little less and showing a little more. Nothing slutty of course, after all, i do have some decency left in me believe it or not;-)
But anything less than those damn joggers I used to wear every summer is deffinetly better.

As far as Easter, it was great! Had a great time with my family at dinner. Ate alot of course, and lots of sweets(chocolate inparticular)..brought home 2 bags worth from my family for the kids(which I always tell them NOT to do)..

My daughter who is almost 3, she had a great time running around my sisters house that night naked. Don't you hate (how embaressing!!) when kids go through that stage) HEY LOOK AT ME...YEEEHAAAAA! LOL
(then again could have been the overload of sweets they were having, I suppose that could have done it as well);-) The effects on having too much chocolate.

I just laughed about it, cause it was quite funny. Young children are hullarious!! You just never know what they are going to do or say from one minute to the next.

In my case with my daughter, this meant her getting a sudden boost of guts out of no where, to just strip down just for the hell of it.LOL

Picture everyones face, unexpectedly to witness this, while they were all relaxed after having a big meal, enjoying their coffee and was quite embaressing if I may say so myself.

But didn't matter to her, she decides to take a try at running wildly around the house, naked, carrying the biggest smile (you know the kind of smile that almost turns into a laugh). Probably cause she knew it would be wrong, and would probably pay the price once caught, but the thrill of it all made it all worthwhile I suppose. *smiles*

The cutest is that they are just so innocent to even realize that it is NOT appropriate. I should try that sometime however ! LOL Must feel really liberating I tell ya).haha Imagine having the guts to do that though:-)))
(sorry just picturing it my head right now)

I would like to mention however that although I might be wild at times, SHE DEFFINETLY did not get that part from me:-)))

Anyways, might be back on later. My throat is just killing me. Something is coming on. Man, what timing.
Talk soon
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