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Not going so well....not feeling so well

Posted Feb 05 2008 1:24pm 4 Comments

I'm stuck at 155 lately. I did ok with eating well during the week, but a scratchy throat and weak body kept me out of the gym. Now I've got one of my famous full blown sinus infections. I am m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e, but equipped with orange juice, cough drops, tissues, soup and tea to help get me back in fighting (or at least exercising!) form.

The sad part is, if I'm not feeling much better tomorrow, I may have to miss my second tap class. That's got me really upset.

In terms of my weight-lately I've been talking to others saying how I'm happy at this weight, but that I want to tone up and slim my thighs, tummy and buttocks. Is that a good way to look at things, in your opinion, rather than focusing on just a number? I'm no longer focused on a number in terms of avoiding being overweight. For someone my age and my height, 150 is a healthy weight. I'm okay being 1-5 pounds (I tend to fluctuate) over that amount, because I don't feel its detrimental to my health.

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I know the feeling, but try not to beat up on yourself. Is 5 pounds worth it? Calculate your Happy Weight. I think you have a great way of looking at things. It's all about health (and not having to buy new, bigger clothes!). All hte rest is just vanity anyway. Think health and the rest will follow.

It can be frustrating to miss a few workouts, you worry about getting out of your routine and that you are going backwards with your fitness. Part of that is when we're sick we tend to see things on the negative side (at least I do). Hang in there and once your over the sinus infection and back on your routine you'll be back on track. I agree with Lela D. about focusing on your health, not your weight.

Hope you feel better soon!

If you're happy and feel good at your current weight then there's no reason to try to lose. Just focus on toning up and having a fabulous time in those tap classes.

Often, when you are taking cold medicines, it's easy to retain water. So, hold off on the scale until you are better. Plus, you are (and rightfully so) loading up on juices and salty soups which tend to hang around. The number PLUS whether you look toned in your outfits will help you determine what is your best weight. You may also be in a cold climate where it's been hard to exercise lately.

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