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No Time to Eat Right? Try This Challenge

Posted by AregM

Fast food is popular because... it's fast. Could you get something healthier - for the same price - and get it just as quickly? Here Is Your Challenge From your place of work (or wherever you are during the day). 1. Put your stopwatch / timer on. 2. Get yourself down to the nearest deli or grocery store (generally the smaller ones mean a quicker shopping experience). 3. Order some real food (i.e. some fruit, maybe something nice like roasted nuts, and perhaps some protein - like slices of turkey breast, or some smoked chicken). 4. When you have the food in your hot little hands - stop the watch and note the time. 5. Take note of the cost. Now we need a control... You'll have to repeat the same experiment with a fast food joint (all in the interest of science of course). Although I cringe at the thought of a burger and fries -- someone out there must be willing to do the whole experiment. Someone? Anyone? ....Continued on
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