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No Strangers & No Mountains We Can’t Climb!

Posted Jun 03 2009 6:21pm

Motivation to lose weight is something we all struggle with from time to time and I am no exception. As I am writing this, I am watching the moving and passionate lyrical solo of a 12-year-old girl and, in her performance, . The expression in her dance, the ardent grace and beauty she exhibits shows a gracefulness and depth of spirit more powerful than her years.

Could it be from the years of dance, the practice and recitals? From talented teachers and gifted coaches or the steadfast support and encouragement of her mother and family? Or, could it be she simply loves to dance?

As gently as possible this child, on the threshold of adulthood, received the news that her parents were divorcing. A few months later, her 3-year-old sister was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Before long Kaleigh’s childhood home was for sale and the move to a new school was imminent; she was faced with the heartache of leaving old friends and the sadness that brings. This is enough to derail most adults, let alone a young girl. READ MORE...

With great love and commitment for her sister, Kaleigh had thoughts of setting her dancing goals aside. She wanted to spend as much time with her sister as possible and comfort her through hospitalizations, chemotherapy and surgical procedures. Her mother, however, was wise and insightful and encouraged Kaleigh to continue pursuing her dreams along with supporting her sister; to not let one prevent her from doing the other. She also provided her with the wisdom to channel everything she was feeling into her dance.

Kaleigh has taught me about making a goal, putting in the hard work to achieve it and never stopping, even when times are tough. She does not shrink from the pain or disappointments that tend to surface in life. She feels her emotions and chooses to express them in positive ways.

As I watch her movements, it reminds me of the grief we all feel when we are broken and hurting and there are times when our dreams seem nearly impossible. Then, with strength and resilience, she acknowledges her frailties and reaches way down deep inside to find the courage to heal, grow and reach for her dreams. In her youth, she has unlocked the secrets of tenacity, perseverance and the personal growth that is needed to claim the life we are meant to live.

What are you going to do with your life? Do you want to realize your goals and dreams? Do you want to lose weight, be healthy and live a longer life?

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this child. We do not need to stuff ourselves with food in an attempt to hide from our feelings. We have all been broken and, from time to time, lost sight of our dreams. But, there are no strangers and no outcasts. Together we can band together to gain all the strength, power and courage to believe and reach our goals. Won’t you join us so we can all share this journey together?

Just as Kaleigh learned, we need to take care of ourselves and be true to ourselves so we can be happy and healthy for those we love and care for. We are meant to live the best life we can and BE ALL that WE CAN BE!

As for me, my beautiful and beloved 12-year-old granddaughter, Kaleigh, reminded me of this. I am thankful and grateful each day for the blessings she brings to my life. My journey of weight loss continues with renewed strength and motivation; and, I sincerely hope yours does too.

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