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No More River Monsters

Posted Jul 31 2013 10:07pm

OH MY WORD! Ok- so you have seen that show on Animal Planet? River Monsters ?

This show my Guy used to watch years ago, he told me it was interesting so we got kind of hooked. Add that to the fact that Guy has been fishing more lately- it is interesting and more relevant than ever…

So, if it is an interesting show and Guy is fishing these days… so why “No More River Monsters?”

Because my poor husband had to wake me up in the middle of the night because I was having a bad dream and whimpering in my sleep! He woke me up and asked if I was ok.. I apparently said “FISH” and curled back up and went to sleep! LOL

In the morning- I remembered the dream vividly! My Guy was out in the deep water of some river/lake… up to his neck in the water- so he had no support or real purchase… and he was trying to pull in a BIG HUGE RIVER MONSTER kind of fish… I was out on the wet low -almost in the water- rocks trying to “help/watch” (not sure which!)

All of a sudden I was being pulled in by something… I looked and I was holding backwards and under my arm some big brick/wood box and it was attached to a fish in the water. Now I was trying to stay on the rocks but slipping off and being pulled into the water too… both of us were in danger! At one point I did end up standing up pulling in the fish.. but when it came out of the water all its guts fell out in the ocean (Yes now it was the ocean!) and only the skin in big huge folds came with the hook and line and it came flowing all over me and I was freaking out trying to get it off me but stay on the rocks and still not loose that other line with the box that was again connected…

BIZARRE! And super scary! And now My Guy won’t let me watch River Monsters with him anymore…. :(

Maybe if I watch it during the day? And not just before I go to sleep? Hmmmm

LOL Do you have any kind of TV that you cannot watch because you have bad dreams?

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