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No More Overeating, the Weight is Lost. Now How Do You Maintain Your Good Behavior?

Posted Oct 03 2010 2:00am

You have been moving along the continuum of weight loss, and here you are: You’ve lost the weight you set out to lose. But the continuum doesn’t end abruptly here; it goes on, and for good reason.

Being finished with actively losing weight, finished with a diet per se, may give you the feeling of being a bit lost, with a sense that you have entered unfamiliar territory.

You may not have a lot of experience being in this position. You have lost the weight, you are where you want to be—so what now? A maintenance food plan can be a good aid when it comes to what to eat. But how do you maintain your ‘good behavior’?

Your job right now is to learn. The rest of the way is a totally different journey. It is the journey that takes you from being a person with a food/weight problem, to being a person without the problem. The food is the least of it. Everything else about you is most of it.

Life is staring you in the face. You need to cope with this and that, little things, big things, easy things, hard things. And what you still need to perfect is how to cope without the thing that probably used to be your fallback: overeating.

You have been curtailing your tendency to eat your way out of difficult situations, out of difficult feelings. You had to, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to lose weight.

In a way, the issue of losing weight is much smaller than the issue of making and sustaining a permanent change in the way you live. A diet is a diet, it’s time limited, you go on it, and then it’s over. But your new thinner self wants to go on and on, and that is by far the most challenging thing.

This is not to say that losing the weight isn’t a great big accomplishment—it is, of course.

But it’s not the end of the line. It’s the beginning of something brand new.



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