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No Magic Pill without Lifestyle Changes - Take the Decision Pill

Posted Dec 10 2009 10:50pm

What about this national priority called "weight Loss"?

Millions of internet ads tout many different weight loss pills and you know their names. No need to get people mad here, just thinking a bit.

I know, have known and surely will know in the future, many people who struggle with overweight.  They all have the same difficulty, and it is common to millions of people. Their lifestyle is needing some adjustments to lose weight.

Unfortunately, not all middle aged women and men who need to lose weight are in the higher income brackets.  So many I have met are just dirt poor, and some don't even have health insurance.  What do they do?

I am not the world's greatest example by any means, but I did lose quite a bit of weight a few years ago after changing my job. I went from a mostly sitting and driving job to a constantly working and walking job. Then over a year I lost 33 pounds.

Not everyone can do this, and I know it well. It is possible however, to decide to make changes that result in increased activity, and reduced eating of fatty foods and snacks. It is not rocket science.

Everyone with overweight must first make a decision to change their lifestyle. It is not changing their personality, their beliefs or their religion. Just a change to improve their health and survivability.  This is a must for success.

Once that is done, then they must decide to give up late night snacks and extra meals. If a person is depressed, it is very hard and maybe impossible for them to do this.  However, it can be part of the decision to make a change.  Whatever is in the way must be moved over.

Easy to say, hard to do.  Still, it is true.  A person who has tried all the pills and all the fad diets knows they still have the same old things going on.  Self deception is also a factor for many.  Some are just too easy on themselves for their own good.

I am kind of talking about myself, not criticizing others.  It is just a reality to face, and so it must be faced. I had to face it, and I have seen others face it too, but I still see many more not facing it.  Too many circumstances to blame, not looking in the mirror enough.

Once the decision is made, just start a mild exercise program.  Slow at first, adding more as the days and weeks go by.  I contend that 40 minutes of good walking every day is the best way. If a person cannot walk due to some other cause, then modifications must be made.

I know a woman who is 66 who just started doing this, and she is very determined because she now has grandkids and a great grandson.  She loves these people, and wants to change her lifestyle.  She is off to a great start.  Walking 20 minutes around the block and yard every day. After a few more days she will start walking further.  She is healthy enough for this, but way out of shape. It will take time.

That is all it takes.  Make a decision to change and insert exercise into the daily routine.  It is so easy to do, but it is also easy to be frustrated and angry, depressed or sad, and not do it.

Again, I am not demeaning anyone.  We humans are very complex and each person is different.  All of us who get overweight however, have one thing in common.  We must decide to make a change to lose weight.  Period.

My doctor firmly believes that for most people with a good measure of overall health, 30 to 40 minutes on a treadmill or outside walking is the answer.  He recommends it to all of his patients, and he told me the ones who listen to him have the best improvements.

Is this a tough pill to swallow?  I remember it kind of was, but it has to be done for progress to be made. Make the decision and swallow that pill, the decision pill.  It is much cheaper than most of those other pills!







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