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Nine Foods That Suppress Your Appetite Naturally

Posted May 09 2011 5:49am

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There are many different ways to try and make yourself feel full when you’re eating, you can even buy pills that contain digestive aids, which contain high amounts of fibre and other additives.

However, what about natural ways to curb your appetite. So you eat less, and lose weight in the process.  Here is a list of foods that will help to suppress your food cravings, as recommended by the Daily Mail.

Apples the reason for eating apples is they have an insoluble fibre in them. Which expands in your stomach when you eat them. It’s good practice to have an apple about 20 minutes before your meal.

There is something that is called the three apple a day diet plan, which recommends having apples three times a day before each meal.

Apples contain a certain substance, which activates a hormone within our bodies called GLP-1 which when activated sends the full signal to our brains. In a study people who ate an apple before, their main meal ate 15 percent fewer calories. So have an apple about 15 to 20 minutes before your meal.

If you’re not keen on eating apples then why not incorporate them into a smoothie with other fruits that contain high amounts of water this will also help you to feel full.

Red chilli peppers apparently if you have red chilli peppers, incorporated in your meal. This will help to suppress your appetite. They contain an ingredient called capsaicin this is what gives them their hotness. When you eat them, you don’t need an awful lot either to get the desired effect, sprinkle a teaspoon of chilli peppers on your meal this will be enough to suppress your appetite.

Seaweed having a drink with some kind of seaweed ingredient may be a good way to start your day. Scientists have found that algae, which is very high in fibre is contained within the seaweed, when it reaches your stomach. It turns into a gel, which slows the digestive process down thus suppressing cravings for food.

Green tea green tea is cited to contain an active ingredient called catechin which is supposedly supposed to help with burning fat within your body, according to what they say.

So if you drink five to six cups of green tea throughout the day, this is supposed to increase the cellular activity within your body, and thus helping with burning fat by a factor of 40 percent, according to what they say so instead of drinking hot drinks such as tea and coffee substitute these for green tea instead.

Eggs eggs are one of the best protein sources that we can eat, and it is the particular protein contained within eggs, which helps to stop food cravings. According to research people who ate scrambled eggs for their breakfast ate fewer calories throughout the day.

And for 36 hours thereafter, wow what an incredible result. That is something to bear in mind when you’re deciding what to eat for breakfast next.

Lemons are said to contain an insoluble fibre called pectin, which apples also contain, pectin acts like a sponge within your body mopping up fat as well as acting like a gel within your stomach, which slows the digestive process down. So you eat less, lemons contain vitamin C, which in turn creates a byproduct called carnitine this is an amino acid, which helps with burning fat within our bodies.

In a study conducted in the USA researchers found that people with higher levels of vitamin C burned more comapred to those people whom had lesser amounts of it. You don’t need huge amounts of vitamin C just the recommended daily amount. Which you can get from drinking things like lemon juice. Make sure it’s natural though and not full of preservatives, etc., or you could drink orange juice.

Water one particular trick, I found out about a long time ago was to drink some water before you had a meal. The idea behind this is if your stomach has water in it then you are less likely to eat large amounts of food.

A study was put together in 2010, which consisted of two groups one drank water before a meal, and the other did not after 12 weeks. The researchers compiled their data and found that the group that drank water before each meal lost two kilograms more compared to those who didn’t. They drank, just two glasses before each meal. Which I am sure you’ll agree isn’t small change for the sake of drinking some water. It’s a small price to pay in order to lose some excess weight.

Garlic garlic has many health properties but did you know it can help to suppress hunger pang’s researchers in Israel have found this to be the case. It contains an ingredient called allicin, which is responsible for its strong smell but not only that. This also sends signals to our brains to tell us to stop eating.

Another effect is it works on your nervous system, and stimulates it to produce more adrenaline, which in turn helps with burning fat. If you don’t like to buy fresh bulbs of garlic. You can get it in a grounded form. So you can just sprinkle it on your food when you are eating it.

Cinnamon in a study which was conducted inScandinavia , people were given three tablespoons full of cinnamon with rice pudding. Their insulin levels were far normal, than they were if they hadn’t had the cinnamon sprinkled on the rice. Insulin is reportedly supposed to be the fat storage hormone.

Although this has been just recently fiercely debated as to whether or not, this is actually the case. Cinnamon has a double whammy effect. It slows down the digestive process within your stomach, as well as normalising your blood sugar. Therefore, reducing food cravings to a minimum.

Sleep even though this isn’t a food it is an important element of appetite suppression. This is because sleep can have an effect on two hormones, which are ghrelin and leptin, these two hormones control different functions within our body.

If we have low levels of leptin, then we will want to eat more carbohydrate type foods, and vice versa with ghrelin it tends to stimulate our appetite more. In a study conducted in the United States people who didn’t get the required amount of sleep were not only overweight.

However, also had higher levels and lower levels of both the above-mentioned hormones. So as a consequence, they were more overweight. Compared to people whom had the recommended eight hours of sleep minimum.

Are there any foods that you can think of that are missing from this list? One, in particular, I can think of is soup if you can think of any that would complement this list. Then please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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