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Nicole Ritchie - icky

Posted by C.L. R.

I have to comment on how disgusting Nicole Ritchie continues to look and beg everyone who is trying to lose weight to not learn from this example. The thing that just cracks me up are all these reports in Star where she's chowing on fries and shakes in public, as though she eats like a "normal person". It is impossible to have those types of eating patterns and weigh what she does. This is simply a photo opp. Please, all of those trying to lose weight, stay healthy. Lose weight the right way. Check in with your doctor and if you ever end up on the cover of a magazine with a photo labeled "Scary Skinny" guess what? You need help.
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True, Nicole Richie's size does not make her look healthy, and seriously brings into question her habits. And I'd hope that there aren't many people out there who are striving to look like that if their body can't handle it. But the truth is, Nicole Richie needs support. More so from those closest to her, but also in the world around her. Something tells me that all the attention she gets on a daily basis can't make life easy. Despite her celebrity status, she's just like the rest of us, capable of making mistakes but also making changes and good decisions. In the "real world," as non-celebrities seem to like to call it, "scary skinny" isn't a term that, I hope, anyone would use when speaking to, or about, a friend, family member, or collegue. Support is vital for people going through that ordeal, including Nicole.
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