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New year's resolutions

Posted Jan 20 2010 5:19pm

so.........did you make any?

Have you stuck with them?

It's the 20th? almost the magic 21days, if you have stuck with ONE resolution, it's likely be stick! good news!

 If you didn't. Better news. Starting Feb 1, 2010 my entire Vice Busting Diet 26 week audio program is going to be given away to 1,000,000 people FREE (and you know what, if 2 million want it? I am not going to say NO!) ANYONE who wants it gets my help FREE!

 My advice is good enough for Dr. Oz to endorse my book, The Vice Busting Diet, good enough for Dr. David L. Katz to write a 3 page forward for the book. Good enough to help 10's of thousands lose weight and KEEP it off.

 It's good enough for you!

 Stay tuned for the launch details

 Until then...... "if you keep doing what you have always done (i.e. DIETING) you are going to keep getting the same results! (i.e. 98% gain it all back, 90% of those gain even MORE than they lost back!)

 This it the right way, gradual slow lifestyle change with motivation and the right tools!


 Julia Havey

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