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New search term to get to BEATS former champion "Moose Exercises"!

Posted Apr 02 2011 4:46pm
So we all know how much I enjoy looking at what people put in and find my site.  The previous "Winner" was two separate people putting in "Moose Exercises" and getting here.  This was interesting on a few levels.  First, is Google saying I'm a moose or I give advice to people who are moose?  Secondly, who is sitting at home, looking at a moose and thinking "You know, he's getting a bit fat, what kind of exercises can I do to get his weight down?"  As everyone just asks random questions to Google without ever thinking "real people" read them...let me tell you, I'm a real person and I read them!

Kurtis Lort:
"You're not a real person, you're a typical Internet moron that no one will listen to IRL, so you have to blather on about nothing like how to exercise a moose online!"

Well, you could imagine my chagrin when I was pleasantly surprised to see I am now apparently a connoisseur of cow excrement!  Thanks to my post about My Days At Walmart where I described my job when I was 18 carrying "Brown gold" to people's cars, I'm on the map in this industry now!  When you think of cow manure, you should think of me!

Bradford Pennyweather:
"So far this post is brilliant, accurate, and spot on!  Tata!"

Yes, so try out the search phrase "how many 40 lb bags of manure in a dump truck" and Nerd Exercises is proudly displayed!  WHO IS SITTING AT HOME AND NEEDS TO KNOW THIS ANSWER!?!?!?!  Is it Biff Tannen from ?
Who is sitting at home and over obsessing about a worst case scenario of what would happen if they run into a manure truck?  What is even the name of this kind of phobia?  Are they honestly thinking "What is the gross weight of what could potentially suffocate me if I slam into a manure truck?"  Are they designing some kind of exercise program around it to make sure they could move with that much weight on them?  HONESTLY WHO NEEDS TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION!?!?!  Are they thinking "I can't wait to go home and ask The Google how much manure can fit in a dump truck!"  Did it really make their day to know the answer to this...IS THERE EVEN AN ANSWER TO THIS?  Maybe I should Google it and find out for myself, I'm kinda curious now.
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