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new me

Posted Nov 05 2011 5:50pm 1 Comment

i begin this blog new to writing a blog and new to this website or community. I am a new patient post surgery for GBP (gastric bypass). Since 10 yrs.old ,I have fought being overweight, fought the looks the words coming out of people's mouths ( oh but you are a pretty girl) or you would be so prettier if you lost weight) ,there were times when it was like ...Are you seriously telling me this to my face? Moreso how dare you think you can tell me this , like I want to be FAT. I became defensive towards anyone and everyone especailly my family. I had one friend who till this day has been my ROCK and always will be and my cheerleader!! And for that I am so so thankful, she knows who she is!! Today is november 5,2011 day 5 of surgery. My wonderful husband has been helpful with cleaning house and laundry and "taking care" of me. I am also thankful for him as well. I can be and am stubborn at times so he helps when I want help and deals with my moods ( many many moods) God Bless HIM! I end this blog with a thought of I look forward to seeing how this not only affects my life but the lives of others around me(family and close friends) .Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey as each day is a new journey for both of us.


peace ,love and HOPE

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