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New & Improved Julian Bakery Smart Carb Breads Now Soy-Free And Yummy

Posted Sep 02 2010 11:36am

I have a lot of respect for companies who are willing to listen to the informed and educated suggestions made by their customers to improve the quality of their products, take that honest feedback from the people who are investing into the company and give it serious consideration for future product development to make them better, and then follow through by producing a spectacular new and improved version of a desirable product. It just makes good marketing and business sense for companies to do this, but you’d be surprised how many companies all but ignore what their customers have to say thinking they know what’s best. But the reality is those companies that forget who supports them are the ones who will quickly be out of business especially in this tough economy right now. But thankfully there are wise companies who have been in business for decades through all the ups and downs because they’ve never forgotten the most important asset in their success is their customer base. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Julian Bakery .

I first shared with you about Julian Bakery’s superb low-carb breads called Smart Carb in this blog post in early 2009 and the response from low-carb lovers was unanimous–this really is the most incredible low-carb bread on the market today. We had a fun recipe contest with the Smart Carb breads with a rather creative winning entry . My wife Christine and I even tried our hand at making some awesome recipes using this bread and LOVED IT! We first began noticing Julian Bakery responding to consumer feedback when there were numerous requests for a gluten-free, low-carb, wheat-free, yeast-free, sweet-free, and dairy-free bread which led to the release of their Purity Bread in November 2009. Now they’ve done it again in September 2010 with the grand re-introduction of their famous Smart Carb #1 and #2 breads –which are both now soy-free, contain an undenatured non instant whey protein, and is full of healthy inulin fiber from chicory root. These changes were all made based on the direct feedback of actual low-carb consumers like you, so kudos for adding your input to a great product to make it even better than it was before!

Check out this video featuring what I am describing as the “Best Low-Carb Bread Of 2010″:

So why am I so excited about these positive changes to the Smart Carb breads? First, the fresh ground flaxseed contained in these fabulous low-carb breads are high in omega-3 fats which are extremely healthy for your heart and a whole host of other health benefits. Second, the soluble fiber in these breads from the inulin has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation while helping to pass the carbohydrate through the body quickly without being absorbed. Additionally, chicory root is great for feeding the friendly gut flora in the colon as a powerful prebiotic which helps boost your immune system. Third, the nutritional content of these breads is far superior to anything similar you’ve ever eaten because of the high quality whey protein concentrate used that is 92% protein along with the eggs providing spectacular blood sugar stabilization. Finally, as we recently learned in my podcast interview with Dr. Kaayla Daniel , soy is not the health wonder food we’ve been led to believe. With the removal of this toxic ingredient from their Smart Carb breads, Julian Bakery has elevated itself to the next level nutritionally and I for one am proud of them for making this change for the better.

The Smart Carb #1 and #2 breads are perfect for people who are a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic and of course for all of us who are livin’ la vida low-carb. I hope you give the new and improved Julian Bakery Smart Carb Breads a try for yourself and taste the difference quality makes when it comes to low-carb breads. These really are unbelievably good and I’m confident you will agree. And at just 1g net carb per slice, you can feel confident about it being an outstanding option for your healthy low-carb lifestyle. CLICK HERE TO ORDER !


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