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Needing a 12 step program ......for SUGAR addiction

Posted Jul 24 2010 6:35am 1 Comment

Sugar is seriously like a drug...only it is legal and sold everywhere and in everything.  If there was a 12 step program for sugar addicition, I would honest to God be there first person in line!!!

I am not kidding and do you know what?  When I have a bite of "Fake" addicition is set off with an even greater velocity.  Why is that?  Well, your body cannot be tricked!!!  It knows the difference between the real deal and the fake stuff.  I know that when I get the fake stuff in my body...I actually crave MORE sugar or FAKE sugar. 

The funnier thing about all of this body still reacts the same with FAKE sugar as it does with the real deal.  My body is NOT fooled.  So, I am aware of this and here is the deal....I have been through this cycle or 12 step program many times and I wouldn't say that I have failed many times because I have learned something new each time I enter my own 12 step program.  You seen 100's of books "Break the sugar addicition", but the fact is it is different for each of us.  We all have different likes and triggers in our bodies or emotional triggers too. So we need to customize our own sugar addicition 12 step program.

Don't be fooled, when I am talking about sugar I am not just talking about yummy ice cream or a candy bar and full sugar soda....I am talking about ALL of it.  White foods, startches, etc.  Your body processes those foods just like a can of soda....quick and with little value to the body. 

So, I am back on my 12 step isn't broken down by weeks and it isn't written down or on the inside my heart and my mind and I would love to share it with all of you as a way to help inspire others.  This is honest to god an addiction.

Where am I starting today?


That means the sugar filled ice cream and cakes and cookies.  Now, I am not going to say  to you that this step will last a week.  I make it last until my body and mind are ready to move to the next step.  This is an addicition and you cannot move to the next step when a book or a Dr or a nutritionist or even a person who writes a blog tells you to.  These are your are responsible and you are in charge....

Follow me on my journey....

Love to all

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  I agree completely that we need to break the sugar habit. It is the greatest scourge of modern mankind. Never before in history has man been exposed to so much unhealthy food filled with sugar and sugar substitutes. We need to get back to healthy living and away from all processed foods which are filled with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. And along the way, we will rid our bodies of a large amount of the toxins which reside in our fat cells. Please visit my blog for more details.

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