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Need life changing tips please!

Posted Jun 25 2009 12:00am
So I just recently came out of 9 month relationship with a guy who as nice as I can put it was a real downer he would put me down for my weight, the way I think with my emotions, the way I love with all my heart and I am always willing to help me family and friends ( now i don't know whats wrong with being loyal and helpful to people I care about but he didn't like it when all my attention was on him) Needless to say he ruined my self worth and my self esteem. I am now ready to enjoy my single life and try to take control of my life and make myself happy.

So a little personal backgroun on myself. I have always been the bigger girl, the girl with good curves and beautiful eyes but always put into the friends zone when it came to guys. Then my sophmore year in high school I started a vegan diet and lost a lot of weight over 80 pounds and I found myself getting more attention but I still saw myself as the big girl before and still never felt comfortable. Over the next three years i enjoyed high school and fun. of course got my heart broken lost friends and started gaining weight back.It has been two years since I graduated High school and I am back up to my old embarrassing weight. I hate looking at myself and feel the constant need to hide for myself and other people. I have tried multiple diets, some harmful, and no matter what I can't keep the weight off. I wasnt to find away to fight my constant need to eat and my lack of desire to work out but I can never get a good solid routine down. I am pretty much the only one in my family that suffers from this weight problem. My mom is tiny and so are all my siblings. I guess i got the fat genes from my biological father. M family all have high metabolisms and easy way of life they can eat one chocolate kiss while i will indulge in the whole bag until I find its gone and then i vow I will do better on my diet tomorrow. I am sick of promising myself things that I know I need to follow through with. I am wanting a group I can get advise from and turn to when I feel a craving so that I can put it down lol.. I am ready for a change I am ready to be the person I know I can be so I logged on to this blog site and found that maybe it would be a good to get to know some other people who have struggled with their weight.

So if anyone has some good tips or advise or motivation to help me through this time I would really appreciate it
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