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Need Help Losing Weight? What About Believing in Yourself?

Posted Oct 26 2011 7:36am

by Maria's Last Diet

Do you believe in yourself?

How important is believing in yourself when you trying to reduce your weight?

What’s your experience?

   Have you done well on mastering your personal problems?

   Have you benefitted from watching friends or family master their personal problems?

   Have other people praised you for how well you solve your personal problems?

   Does just thinking about losing weight and what it will take make you look forward to
   the challenge?

If the answer is “yes” to all or even one of these questions, then you probably believe in yourself when it comes to losing some weight.

On the other hand, you probably won’t believe in yourself if you’ve had the following experiences.

   You haven’t done well on mastering your personal problems.

   You’ve primarily seen friends and family fail to solve their personal problems.

   Other people have not recognized you as a person who solves her personal problems.

   Just thinking about losing unwanted weight makes you nervous or feel depressed.


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