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Need Help Losing Weight? Solve Your Weight Loss Problem.

Posted Mar 06 2014 8:25am

by Maria's Last Diet

You can count on Diet Tuffy if you are having trouble dieting and losing weight.

Diet Tuffy will help you define a particular problem that has been presenting a serious obstacle to your weight loss success. In other words, you can get clear and specific.

When you are clear and specific about what’s been going wrong, you can be clear and specific about how to correct it.

By targeting the problem, you can establish a new entry point into the weight loss problem-solving path. This entry point focuses your attention and energy right away.

This focus and energy will immediately begin to propel you toward your goal.

You will be helped to invent a brand new solution to a tough, persistent problem. And you know what? You never tried this exact solution before, so there is no failure attached to it. You will make a fresh start on a big problem.

The way you will do it is remarkable. Instead of thinking in an ordinary way, you will dare to think differently.

Why is this so important?

Because your usual way of thinking about the important matters of dieting and weight loss just wasn’t getting you there.

The way you think determines what you will do.

By thinking differently, you will change everything.

You will up your chances ten-fold of sticking to your weight loss regimen so you can lose the weight you want to lose.

The toughest approach to solving a tough problem is to be armed with a good plan.

After you invent your novel solution, you will arrive at something definite to do to make the solution work. You will be prepared to overcome the most likely obstacle.

This plan is your own creation, and that is perhaps the best thing about it. You own it. It comes from you and it is unique. It already fits you like a glove. What could be better!

Use it with conviction  

Courage will follow

     excerpt from   Diet Tuffy: The Fun Way to Seriously Make Your Diet Work by Kenneth Schwarz PhD and Julie North Schwarz. Symmetry Press.


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