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Need Help Losing Weight? Check Out Your Thinking.

Posted Nov 13 2013 6:59am

by Maria's Last Diet

Losing your unwanted weight is a thinking woman’s enterprise. You have to think your way out of all types of situations in order to maintain your weight loss momentum. So it’s important to keep your thinking as crisp and as sharp as you can.

You will, however, run up against a different kind of thinking when you are working your heart out to shed those extra pounds. This will be the kind of thinking that puts you in a bad situation rather than gets you out of such a situation.

Negative thinking, for example, especially if you believe your own negative thoughts, can get you to feeling quite down about yourself and your weight loss efforts. How many times during the process of weight loss have you thought negatively about what you were doing or what kind of person you were?

Being unable to let go of upsetting thoughts is another potential destroyer of your weight loss motivation and confidence. You might worry yourself through the day or think how little you stuck to your weight loss plan.

The weight loss process is also famous for putting you in the position of getting upset with yourself for having certain thoughts. Just thinking you would like to eat something you aren’t supposed to can make you feel guilty or self-critical, even if you don’t go ahead and eat it.

Beware! When you are hot and heavy into the process of weight loss, don’t always believe what you think. Save your thinking to help you out of a jam or to avoid jams rather than putting you in a jam.



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