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Natural Weight Loss--An Affordable 30 Day Plan That Works

Posted Jun 04 2008 7:04pm
Making natural weight loss affordable with low carb foods and health drinks is not that easy. These days it seems that losing weight costs more money than gaining weight.
  • You can buy a dangerously fattening, fast food "value" meal with 30 grams of carbs and 600 calories for about $1.65.
But, when it comes to losing weight, most programs make your wallet thinner way before your other parts.  Now, my story of natural weight loss may sound like one of those " hard to believe" tales.
  • In fact, it was so easy that it didn't seem like a big deal to me at the time.
It wasn't until friends greeted me with shock and amazement that I realized just how much weight I  had lost in a short amount of time.  So, I guess losing 30 pounds in one month was a pretty big deal, and something others might like to achieve.

If this is one of your goals, keep reading-

The beautiful thing about this plan is its simplicity.
  • You don't have to count calories or carbs, but will automatically cut down on both without even thinking.
  • You won't have to figure out how you can have a piece of chocolate cake by trading a frozen  pizza for a frozen fish.
  • You won't have to make elaborate recipes, read motivational pamphlets, or go to dieters boot camp and eat low carb foods all week.
Just follow this easy, natural weight loss plan for thirty days and work it into the lifestyle that suits you best. If it is right for you, then this will be a lifestyle that is easy to continue.

You may think I am just trying to sell you the low carb foods and health drinks mentioned here, but there's way more to it than that. While it is easy for me to speak highly of products that really do what the manufacturer says they do, it is even easier to compare the benefits of these products to the costs of typical store-bought health foods and drinks that do not  provide any  visible results, no matter how much you spend on them.
  • This method works. You can spend less at the store, yet get so much more nutrition, feel better and look younger.
Here's the natural weight loss plan that I implemented to lose 30 pounds in 30 days while cutting down expenses on other foods and drinks that weren't providing results:

Drink a quart of Calli Tea throughout the morning.
  • 1 Calli tea bag brews a full quart. Calli gives you concentrated antioxidants to continue the  body's natural cleansing processes that were underway while you were sleeping. At less than $1.40 per quart, you will have more benefits in one tea bag than you  can possibly get from any store-bought tea. Great replacement for coffee, which can actually make you gain weight.
Mix 1 NuPlus low carb food formual with a choice of soy, rice milk, or juice. This is an easy way to get super nutrients from nature, and at only $2.50 a mea l.  you can't buy nutrition this powerful at the store, especially for that price.
  • Nuplus is concentrated! One serving provides your body with complex carbohydrates, natural antioxidants, and phytonutrients that cannot be obtained with typical food from any store or restaurant at the same price.
  • The time saved in preparing so much nutrition, so quickly, is priceless.
  • NuPlus curbs cravings, so you are not thinking about food all day.
Mid-morning snack
Eat 1 Sunbar
(made with high fiber food ingredients not found in other power bars)

Sunbars provide essential amino acids, beneficial fats from fruits and nuts, plus concentrated fiber with whole food ingredients. Tasty and wholesome, in Fruit or Chocolate flavors to assist the digestive system without added sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives. Sunbars satisfy your hunger without making you feel bloated.
Eat a piece of fruit
And a handful of almonds
  • Comparing a Sunbar to the cost of an apple and a handful of almonds is about the same. However, the concentrated nutrients in Sunbars will give your body substantially more payback for your money. This is concentrated high fiber food for about $2.32 per bar.
Drink 1 quart of Fortune Delight throughout the middle part of the day.
  • Fortune Delight is a totally natural, fat flushing powder formula to make your water more productive. It's a perfect replacement for sodas, sugary vitamin  waters and energy drinks that do more harm than good.
  • With each sip, you'll be taking in a mouthful of natural antioxidants from whole food ingredients with live enzymes.
  • No sugar or artificial flavoring, but plenty of flavor and nutrition.
Fortune Delight was recently named to a list of the Top 100 Health Products In The World!

1 Fortune Delight mixes with a full quart of water for an advanced fat flushing health drink that costs less than many of those useless convenience store drinks- Only about $1.40 per quart serving.

Mix 1 NuPlus with soy, rice milk, or juice.
Wait 20 minutes, if still hungry,
Eat one of these items:
Salad, soup, light sandwich on whole grain bread, veggie burrito, rice and beans, or other healthy choices with plenty of fiber.
The key to natural weight loss is to eat plenty of high fiber foods.

Read this article for more info on the importance of fiber:
As Seen On Oprah - High Fiber Foods For Natural Weight Loss

Mid-Afternoon Snack
Mix 1 NuPlus OR
Eat a piece of fruit
Drink 1 more quart of Fortune Delight

1 NuPlus mixed with soy, rice milk, or juice
Wait twenty minutes. If still hungry,
Eat one of these items:
A piece of fish or chicken breast (baked, skinless)
Add one of these:
Baked potato, rice, or whole grain bread
And one of these:
Broccoli, cooked carrots, fresh or frozen peas, green beans, salad or other healthy vegetables with lots of fiber.

Keep in mind that it may take a few days for your body to adjust to this way of eating. Usually, after the first week, you will need fewer calories and carbs. Yet you will have more energy than you have had in years. This is the way to achieve healthy, natural weight loss and still have money left over.

Follow this plan for thirty days to achieve results you will feel and others will see. If nothing else, you will be spending less on groceries. Instead of money spent on things tearing your body down, you will be building your body up with more bang for your buck!
Change your habits for thirty days and find out that you really have nothing to lose but excess pounds. Watch your cash flow go up while your calorie intake goes down with high fiber foods, award winning health drinks and low carb foods for natural weight loss.
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