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My Weightloss Fairytale

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:39am
Once upon a time there was a girl who was overweight, well obese actually. On her 23rd birthday she decided to give herself the gift of health and fitness. Sheweighed herself as soon as she turned 23 and found that she weighed 198.9lbs. The girl longed to be a healthy weight of 140lbs for her height of 5 '5" . That same day she calculated her BMI, which turned out to be 33.1.

The girl did not want to just kiss a frog and have all her weight loss dreams come true. This girl wanted to earn it. She thought carefully and decided she would do this by changing her eating habits and by using her gym membership. This girl worked very hard for many months to achieve her goals. Every now and then an old hag would appear with a poisonous apple or two but the strong girl always recovered and continued to eat healthy food.

After months of hard work the strong girl reached her healthy goal! The whole kingdom rejoiced and threw a ball in her honor! She maintained happily ever after...
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