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my weight loss tips/eating plans

Posted by williamssanford

I became unhappy with my weight about year ago as I began my sophomore year of college. I decided to lose weight when I started wearing a pant size in the high double digits and when I noticed that while walking (even short distances), I always had a shortness of breath. The most challenging was giving up certain foods that I loved eating that weren't good for me.

Here are some of my weight loss tips:Drink lots of water, Count your calories and eat healthy meals, Exercise, be consistent and push yourself. Don't weigh yourself everyday because you may get discouraged and always remember your goal.

Here are some of my eating plans:For breakfast I used to eat Oatmeal or a Special K cereal bar or yogurt or fruits. Lunch is Grilled chicken salad with fat free dressing or a sandwich with turkey, lettuce and tomatoes or some boiled eggs. Dinner is a grilled chicken with mixed vegetables. For snacks I ear fiber one bars, fruits, or just yogurt.

I hate workouts but I need them so I do basic weight training workouts and I do cardio 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day (power walking on treadmill with an incline and the elliptical machine). I go for about 3 miles.

I also tried this program here'm really glad it’s a big help especially for my stomach. I still have a little more body fat to lose but for me I see this program helpful and effective. I really enjoyed the exercise routines, and have adapted them to work out at home.

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There are many types of eating plans for weight loss to choose from, including fad diets, low-carbohydrate diets, low-fat diets and lifestyle change diets. Lasting weight loss can be obtained by understanding what foods to eat, watching portion sizes, eating high-fiber, low-calorie foods and exercising consistently.

Nowadays reputed food product companies are selling ready- made seasoned food products that keep the body and mind in balance while waiting for the subtle warmth of the spring months. An example of such companies creating these types of products are veganfoods, Sheffafoods etc. – Look for them online; their products are natural as well as nutritious.

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