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my trainer wants me to have high protein, low calorie foods. Is there such a beast out there?

Posted by germatam

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I am on that same quest right now, and I have found that Tuna is a great source for that!! I have been told ground turkey is a good source too.  Also if I dont have time for a snack I will drink a muscle milk, chocolate, although they have different flavors out there. And they are tasty too! :D  Good luck on your search for the beast!! :D 

What is the reason for the high protein foods? We have been told recently that we all eat too much protein and not enough vegetables, dairy products and grains. Do you have a special condition that requires you to eat a lot of protein? Is your trainer also a dietician or does he/she think that eating a lot of protein will help with muscle formation? Get more information from reliable sources of nutrtional expertise before going on a high protein diet; it is not natural.

tuna man.  plain sweet potatoes with cinnamon. oatmeal. fruit. veggies.  handfulls of peanuts.  and boiled skinless chicken and fish.  limit yourself to this everyday and you will slim down and bulk up with the right exercise and working out.

 and heres a good snack.

 1 apple sliced thinly and cored.
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon 
3 teaspoons of splenda
1  5.8 fl. oz. container of skinny cows "dulce de leche" icecream.
        Grease frying pan with pam. Begin to fry apples.  Slowly spinkle apples with cinnamon and splenda while rotating at a medium high heat untill apples are completely coated.  Switch to a medium heat and let apples simmer occasionally stirring untill they juice and become tender.  Place apples in bowl and top off with icecream and fucking enjoy!!  Banging ass low calorie dessert that i invented myself.  Ya welcome! 
150 calories
1 gram of fat.

I hope your trainer who suggested the high protein diet is a registered dietician, aware of the USDA guidelines and is able to help you make the transition to a maintenance diet once you lose your weight. I assume your trainer is aware of the current dietary guidelines which recommend decreasing protein intake, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables and whole grain products. Have you calculated your calorie intake and is it enough to prevent muscle loss? Are you taking a vitamin pill, and if you need to , calcium supplements. Are you getting vitamin D as a supplement? You are not getting this vitamin in the foods you are eating unless you are also drinking cod liver oil.

Having an Associate's degree in Kinesiology/Excercise Science and a minor in nutrition as well as a personal trainer certification, I can tell you that one of your best bets will be with tuna. However for health's purpose you will want to go with reduced sodium tuna. The USDA guidelines are a waste of a reference, most is completely outdated just like the food pyramid. A high protein diet so long as it is less than 3g per pound of bodyweight is healthy. Good luck with your weight loss goals my friend.

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