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My skin: Still loose, but I have lots of high quality product

Posted Aug 05 2008 8:07am 1 Comment

Sometimes I feel like a Magic 8 ball because readers ask me a lot of questions. (At least they don't shake me for the answers.) I don't mind answering, but by far, the most popular question is, "How is your skin?" (In second place is, "How did you start running?" and a close third is "How do you stay motivated?") I've written entries to address all of these questions to save everybody some time, but recently I've received a couple follow-up questions on the skin entry. People want to know if my skin has tightened up any over the past year. The answer? I don't think so.

It's hard to be completely certain since a change like that would be subtle. I don't think I look any older than I did a year ago. And a year ago I didn't think I looked any older than the year before. However, I do keep aging and 20 years from now I'm sure I'll look older than I do today. The skin however, is still somewhat loose, particularly under my arms, in my thighs, on my butt, and around my tummy. It doesn't restrict my movement. I don't have any rashes. But if I ever burn my forearm on the stove, I'll have plenty of material for skin grafts. I know most of you would like to hear that the skin has tightened up like aShrinky Dink, but my epidermis does not have the same properties as that space-age plastic. The skin doesn't bother me, but I won't be running in shorts any time soon, no matter how hot it gets.

On the bright side, I evidently have a great complexion that I have failed to appreciate for the majority of my life. Recently at least 4 or 5 people have commented on my great skin independently of each other at different events, so I'm starting to think, "Hey, it's possible that I have great skin." The hermit lifestyle really pays off. No sun exposure! All those years of never wearing makeup probably didn't hurt either. The sad thing is, I don't care much about my complexion. My skin would be much more appreciated on someone who actually notices these things. Too bad I can't sell off the extra square foot of flesh that I've got lying around.

I got several compliments on my hair in the last post too. Thanks, y'all. I am not used to all these "You are pretty" comments. It is bizarre. The hairstylist barely did anything to it either (and I have a witness who will testify as such), so I am comfortable taking all the credit for my lovely locks.

I'm laughing because I just cursed on national TV

(I just now noticed I'm wearing green while sitting on a green couch, as if I'm trying to blend into the upholstery. Oops!)

Kate wanted to know what products I use. My secret is...conditioner. Dove conditioner if you want specifics, which I use becauseI like their ad campaigns. Um, yeah, I don't use many products. My hair just...does that. In 5th grade two girls asked me, "Who does your hair?" and I told them "My mom," because she was the one trimming my locks with scissors in the kitchen. They asked me again a couple other times during the year, but it was only a decade later that I realized they thought I had a perm.

However, it took me even more than that decade before I learned how to fight the frizz, as this picture from high school proves:

If the fat didn't make me unpopular, the frizz, braces and glasses surely did.

If you have curly hair, I highly recommend the bookCurly Girlby Lorraine Massey. It taught me how to avoid frizz by shampooing only once a week. Wait! I promise I don't smell bad! I rinse my hair more often than that, but shampoo dries out curly hair, so I only use it once a week. I also use conditioner. Other than that, I use a round brush and a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to style. I also wind up the top layers of my hair and clip them on top to dry the bottom hair first, and then unclip them to dry the upper layers of my hair. Those are my secrets. Do with them what you will.

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Thanks for recommending the book for curly hair. I've had it all my life and never quite knew what to do with it.
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