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My Saturday

Posted Oct 06 2012 5:44pm
I'm still having anxiety going on.  I do create it myself and sometimes unnecessarily but sometimes I feel I do need to speak up.  I think sometimes we do have to tell people we care about what we think. I feel like I make an effort to never be mean with my words but I'm sure people still sometimes take what I say the wrong way.

I know in my past I've befriended people I don't quite understand because I want to understand them better.  But sometimes they never let me in emotionally so I never really get to understand why they do or say what they do.  It makes me sad to think about but I know not everyone will open up to me and not everyone will like me or want to continue to be my friend.  Sometimes we just have to take risks by speaking up because we think it's the right thing to do though.  Still makes me sad at times. 

I'm doing ok today.  Went to the pizza social at Marie's school last night.  They had a brown paper bag auction that was fun.  Was cute how Marie wanted this purple lamp out of every thing there (must have been 150 items).  Well she won that lamp and I was so excited for her :) Her little friends were there too and they even put tickets in for the lamp to try to win it for her, she had good little friends.  Nick was the one that wanted to go so he could hang with his friends.  I think everyone had a good evening.

Today we got up and went to Marie's soccer game.  Sadly her team had their first defeat.  It was still a good game and always fun watching her play.  After the game I came home and walked 6 miles for my last long walk before the half next Saturday.

I guess I'm getting a little excited about the half.  I know I will meet new people along the way and that's always fun.  I will enjoy my time alone with Mike too which we don't get enough of.  It will be nice being in the city the night before too.  Nick is looking forward to going to his buddies house too so I'm sure the kids will have a decent time while we're gone too.  Marie will be with J who lives in a house with 5 grandkids so I'm sure she'll find someone to play with.  J is already planning out the day for them :) 

Feeling kind of blah today but glad I walked I think it did me good.  Always nice walking my road.  Had I not had to pee I probably would have put a few more miles in.  But suppose to take it easier the week before anyway.  Hope Mike gets in his walk tomorrow though it's suppose to rain.  He's not gotten in as many long walks but I'm sure he'll be fine.  

I'm drawing a name for the Popchips giveaway tomorrow.  I will use the names I got from the comments off any posts that I mentioned the giveaway on.  I'm excited to see who wins.  So make a comment tonight if you still want a chance to win.  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow being a nice day no matter what I do.  Plan on doing some cooking for the week.  Made my bars today.  Marie and Mike have both been eating them too now so I make a double batch every week lately.  

Till next time...
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