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my rollorcoaster

Posted Apr 15 2008 6:31pm 3 Comments

all i do is go up and down in my wieght now... a pound up here two pounds down 1 pound up 1 down

very frustrating

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Do you have a well thought out plan of action?

Working out & eating right are well and good for "general health" purposes, but if you set a specific goal, you also need to have some idea how you're going to get there otherwise it's easy to find yourself 'spinning your wheel'.

Strategic progression and change (not just change for its own sake) will give you more control over your body's adaptations to whatever form/intensity of stimulus (aka: exercise/diet) you provide.

To state it another way, EFFORT alone does not guarantee success. Have a plan, make adjustments and go get 'em!


thank you guy for these words of encouragement, it helps a lot to know there are people out there who know what i'm dealing with can help me

How often do you weigh? Though weight isn't the only measurement to progress (try measurements and BMI also) you shouldn't be doing it more than once a week. Make sure you do it first thing in the morning on the same day every week.

In addition to what's been suggested, make sure you're getting enough water.

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