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My Pregnancy Training Plan

Posted Dec 02 2010 8:29am

I mentioned a lack of motivation in this week’s pregnancy video update and you guys totally gave me a shot of motivation in the comments…

One thing I have to mention on having a goal to keep you motivated: you a training for delivering a baby. Every little bit you do now will help with labor and recovery.

You mentioned what motivates you in terms of exercise is training for the next thing… You’re training for the ultimate endurance competition known to man… labor and delivery!!! Does that help to motivate you? The only time I’ve ever been consistent with exercise was while pregnant because I knew labor and delivery was going to be hard work! :)

-As far as the exercise goes, think of it this way–you ARE training for something–Labor and Delivery! The ultimate event to train for.
- Amanda

You guys are totally right! I just needed to look at it in a different way. So just like when I start to train for an event, I’m creating a training schedule for my pregnancy! Nothing too crazy but something just to keep me motivated over the next 4 months, because honestly, I really lost almost all my desire to get out there. It’s all mental for me. It really is.

So here goes.

Break. !

Gym Day. There are two classes at the gym that I like. Power Flex and Step. They are back to back. Not sure I’ll do both each week but my goal is to at least one. I’ve scheduled the block of time in my calender and set it to repeat. This helps seal the deal for me.

Rest Day

Run/walk. Or maybe I should call it a jog at this point. ;) My plan is just to get out there. Cover 3 miles, whether I walk, jog or run. It really doesn’t matter. I realize it’s going to be getting colder and colder but I like the time outside. I almost feel I NEED the time outside.

Home Routine. See below schedule.

Rest Day

Boot Camp! It’s a pretty strenuous workout but I’m invested in this class. I love the other members. They all know I’m pregnant and I just go at my own individual pace. I look forward to starting my weekend with this workout every Saturday. Plus it’s right next to Trader Joe’s! So I get to grab a few staples while I’m there. :)

I’ve come up with 3 excercies that I can easily do at home. I’m thinking of doing it like a circuit. 3 sets of 15 each.

Kegel Bridges

A Kegel is the exercise most recommended for pregnant women. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles easing some discomforts of late pregnancy.

Kegels are done by contracting the pelvic floor muscles (like you are trying to stop the flow of urine.)

A bridge is a completely different exercise that strengthens your core and gluts…

My plan is to combine these two exercises. I used to do a LOT of bridges. It’s an exercise my old trainer loved. They are non-impact and easy for me to do with my growing midsection.

Squats with Biceps and Shoulders

Squats work your glutes, calves and thighs and are helpful during labour as squatting opens the pelvic outlet an extra quarter inch. I’m not sure I’ll be squatting in the hospital but I’d rather be prepared to do so if I have to.

Combined with the basic squat I will be adding some basic arm exercises. Bicep curls and shoulder raises with 5 lbs weights. I like to kill two birds with one stone. :)

Here’s the basic squat…

And a basic bicep curl with Shoulder press

Counter Pushups

I can still do a few pushups but as my mid section grows I’m not sure it’s a good idea. So I’ll be switching to counter pushups.

That’s it! I’m already motivated just writing it all out! I just ate my yummy oatmeal breakfast (this to be exact ,) put little guy on the bus and now it’s time to give my home routine a go!

Resources: & the YouTube videos I found as demos

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