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My Pittsburgh Half Marathon Weekend in Pictures

Posted May 02 2010 8:41pm

pittsburgh skyline
Thanks to fortes for the image

My weekend adventure started Saturday morning when I hit the road for Pittsburgh. I’m about 4 hours away and I enjoyed my lonely road trip. I opened the windows, blasted the radio and soaked up the midday sun. It was nice.

I got there early afternoon and met Laura, an old High School friend I reconnected with on FaceBook a few years back. She looked wonderful, glowing even.


We headed down to the strip and had a great time strolling through the shops and chatting. I, of course, had to get a little goofy.

roni on the strip

We did find this great little hand made glass jewelry booth called LZ an EJ’s . I bought a cute butterfly piece and had a great time chatting with the owner.

LZ asnd EJ

I bought a few more things and then we headed to dinner. There was a great little Thai place right by her house and we split a few dishes. I know nothing about Thai food so I let Laura do most of the picking. One of my favorites were these duck and noodle lettuce wrap things (NO idea what they were called but boy were they tasty!)

Green Mango

After dinner we headed back to her house and I got to hang out with George.

A very vocal, VERY affectionate cat with a foot fetish. He was awesome.

We then headed back out for a beer with @MrDirby . One of Laura’s friends who’s also slightly obsessed with web design and social media. I love meeting fellow geeks.

We headed back early to get a good night’s sleep before our big day.

It was Laura’s first half marathon and my second. I wasn’t as prepared as I was for my first one last year at this time so I wasn’t expecting to finish strong but I knew I’d finish. I was also really excited to run with someone during a long event. I haven’t really done that yet. Normally I’m running solo.

Here we are making our way to start line.

And another shot as we waited for the race to begin.

Then the race began. It was a beautiful morning temperture-wise, a little overcast but nice. We were expecting to get wet and as soon as we crossed the start line I felt a drizzle which soon turned into a steady rain. It was actually nice. Refreshing even.

Since it was raining so hard I didn’t feel comfortable pulling out my camera phone and snapping during the run. Of course now I can’t remember what I wanted to remember because I don’t have any pictures. It’s funny how I use my photos as visual ques to remind me what I want to write about.

Anyway here’s what I do remember about the race…

  • It was mostly flat. REAL flat which was a relief.
  • We crossed 5 bridges and I really love running bridges.
  • I was really crampy after the first 4 miles and that’s when we decided to walk the water stops.
  • I love reading people’s shirts and one of the best ones I saw was "Make every day count." LOVE that.
  • The rain never let up and by mile 8 I was pruney.
  • I surprisingly felt really good that last 3 miles.
  • By the finish I was so wet I could ring out my shorts.

Chart taken from Nike+ web site after sync. Click here to see how I did it.

Notice the dip at the end. I couldn’t shut off the iPod because my fingers were too wet!

My official race time was 2:26:38 and I’m ecstatic I finished under 2:30. Last year I ran my first half in 2:07:57 but I trained my butt off. This year I barely trained and I knew I wouldn’t come close to that time.

Here’s Laura and I after the finish with our medals. We had a great stroll back to the car and we were completely smitten with ourselves for finishing the race. I guess you can say we had a post race glow. :)

After a hot shower Laura took me to one of her fav spots for breakfast . My post race meal was an egg white western omelet with half of the potatoes and half a strawberry hot cake (SO SO SO yummy)

Overall my Pittsburgh weekend was amazing. I got to get away, catch up with an old dear friend, explore a new city, and prove to myself, yet again, that I really am a runner. :)

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