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My new action-packed life

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:04am

Last month I spent 10 minutes in the makeup aisle deciding between "Rum Raisin" and "Dark Brown" eyeliner. I was absent the day they taught 13-year-old girls how to use makeup, so I've only been learning recently. As my red shopping basket grew heavier, I knew it was absurd to be standing there debating the relative benefits of dark brown over a slightly less dark brown with a cutesy name, but I just couldn't make up my mind about makeup.

"Rum raisin is a much better name than dark brown," I thought as I picked it off the metal rod.

"Yeah, but you shouldn't judge a color by its name. Dark brown might better match your coloring," I thought as I put it back and reached for the other product.

"Wait, if I wear an orange dress does brown break a rule of complimentary colors? Is there a color wheel anywhere around here?" I looked around and had flashbacks to the color theory segment in my Graphic Design I class.

Rum raisin or dark brown? Rum raisin or dark brown? Rum raisin or dark brown?!

I can't even remember which one I bought.

I think I think too much when making decisions. I want to make the best decision, when I should just make a good decision. That's why I haven't bought a bike yet. In the winter I yapped to my coworkers about how excited I was to buy a bike soon so I could ride to work. Spring finally came...and then summer...and we're now one month away from fall and I still haven't bought a bike. I researched bikes and I went to the store and I read about a program to get a discount by trading in my old bike and I looked at the pretty streamers and baskets online and I still haven't bought a damn bike. My old bike is still sitting in my living room scuffing up walls and taking up space.

Bike, taking up space

It's just as well. My mother and brother have forbidden me from riding my imaginary bike to work after hooligans threw a garbage can at a biker on the trail to throw him of his bike and rob him. Seems I can't go green without a chance of ending up black and blue.

I'm trying to become more action-oriented and to stop dilly-dallying so much. When I bought a new computer monitor recently, I researched it a bit online and then bought one that seemed to have a decent price. I didn't wait weeks for a big sale to get the absolute best price. I just got a good monitor at a good price and it's such a relief mentally. A little part of me was worried that I'd make a bad decision or get a monitor that I'd be unhappy with, but neither one of those things happened.

I'm trying to stop dwelling over my email too. I typically will receive an email, read it, and then leave it. If it requires a response, I'll come back and read it again, then I might respond to it or I might think, "Oh, I'll have to get to that later." Repeat endlessly. Which is why I now have email backed up like a bad toilet. If I would just read it and take action immediately, either by replying or sorting it, I wouldn't be so buried.

So, I'm going to buy a bike this week. And I'm going to get through my email. And I'm going to stop loitering in the makeup aisle. And I'm going to try to get things done already, because whether it's rum raisin or dark brown, it's better to make a choice than to make no choice at all.

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