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My Minutes Today....iPhone/App Update & FLYing

Posted Nov 19 2010 2:01pm

I'm feeling better today.  Not sure if it is because it is Friday and that starts family and friend time or that I posted last night how I was feeling, talked to a close friend that has a way of kicking me in the butt and/or giving me warm fuzzies AND knowing exactly the right time to do either or both of those things, had a nice talk with both sons or a combination of all of the above things.  Regardless - TGIF!

Since having my beloved iPhone and all of the hundreds (yup, hundreds!) of apps that I've found, I've had so much fun with it.  I hate to be dramatic here but in so many ways, due to these little various apps, my life has improved so much in so many ways.

One of the apps I've downloaded is from the AOPA of which I'm a member as a pilot.  I love checking various airports that I've flown into and looking at the illustration of the runways with all the information on the airport.  I've relived so many fun, happy memories of flying into the airports.  Too bad I can't take those memories inside me and put them on a video or in photos! 

Becoming a pilot was such an awesome accomplishment.  One that I had to grow into.  As a teenager being able to drive, I would go to our airport and watch the planes take off and land.  I would watch that for hours.  Being in the environment of the airport (we had a small one - one runway!), watching the people but mostly the planes.  Aviation back then was nothing like it is now.  No metal detectors or body searches.  I would walk right up to the huge wall-to-wall window where I could see the entire runway and just sit for hours.  Watching the planes taxi, take off and land. 

Fast forward "FF" to a few years ahead.  I lived in California with a huge multi-runway airport.  Again, pre-2001 so easier to access.  While it wasn't as friendly and accessible as my smaller city airport, I could walk in and watch the planes.  I found a better spot outside the airport that I could sit.  It was right up to the chainlink fence that separated a parking lot from right where the planes would taxi, wait and pull up to take off.  I also had a great view of planes coming in, positioning themselves for the ILS, putting down the flaps and landing gear to land.  Like a judge at the Olympics, I would rate the landings from 1-10.  Hanging out in the parking lot by the chainlink fence was my favorite thing to do at the time. 

Hitting the "FF" button again, a few years later, I was kinda bored with my life.  I was looking to pursue.  Something fun, challenging, new skill, involved learning, an accomplishment.  I remember so clearly going to a flight training school close by me and sitting at the front of their building parked in my car.  I sat there for probably 30 minutes thinking about it.  I studied the building, still in the parked car, thinking about it.  I backed out and never drove there again.  I remember what made my decision for me not to get out of my car and go inside was that a person that took flying lessons was someone other than me, and that I couldn't do it.  I even remember berating myself for even thinking it was possibly for me.  I decided that my love of watching planes didn't extend to ME actually flying a plane because I wasn't _____________ enough (you can fill in the blank, I guarantee I said it to myself that day).  People that were pilots were things that I wasn't.  My interest and love of watching planes, airports, aviation were limited to just sitting on the sidelines but never play on the court of being one of those people that were pilots.

To be continued.......

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