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My Low-Carb Product-Free Diet Experiment

Posted Jul 24 2008 4:03pm 2 Comments
One of the most fascinating things I have noticed since I began blogging about the healthy low-carb lifestyle back in 2005 is how amazingly diversified the low-carb community is about the "proper" way a low-carb diet should be done. Thedefinition of "healthy low-carb living"varies depending on who you talk to. In fact, if we had a room full of 100 low-carbers I would bet you'd have at least 50 or more different versions of livin' la vida low-carb. And that's okay because individualization of the diet is what makes it work in the long-term.

Some people believe you should only eat whole foods all the time. And for the most part, that's a good philosophy to live by. In fact, if you look atmy low-carb menusthen you will see that's precisely what I eat the vast majority of the time. Of course, I also like to add in some chocolate and other treats from time to time to enhance my low-carb lifestyle. It's what helped me lose 180 pounds in 2004 and I've been doing it ever since.

However, with myrecent 30-pound weight gain in 2008that has pretty much sustained for the past six months, I've been looking at ways to bring that weight back down. I now know that I'm dealing withan erratic blood sugar issuethat is tied to anunusual insulin responseeven after a low-carb meal. Frustrating doesn't even begin to explain this process, but I'm certainly not giving up.

Afterinterviewing Dr. Keith Berkowitzin June (and I'll be having a follow-up interview with him coming the first week of August) about his "reactive hypoglycemia" theory, I decided to implement a strategy of eating more often with lots of small "meals" throughout the day and I saw some success. But then the weight started going up again and I cut back on my protein intake to slow down gluconeogenesis. Again, good progress, but then the weight came back up yet again. I even cut out all of my favorite low-carb products a couple of months back for two weeks--DIDN'T LOSE A SINGLE POUND! UGH!

So, imagine my discouragement to see the following recommendations for getting my weight to reduce from my low-carb doctor this week:

1--no low-carb "treats" or substitutes for otherwise high-carb food (although sugar-free Jello and other desserts such as we allow our patients would be okay in limited amounts)

2--foods should be chosen from those listed on the "No Sugar, No Starch" guide we give patients

3--adequate protein (as determined from lean body mass) should be consumed, but care should be taken not to exceed protein requirements

4--portion-control and calorie-restriction should be implemented, as determined by BMR

No "treats" at all are allowed right now for me, including my chocolate bar, low-carb wraps, bars, or anything. NONE! I'll skip the Jello thank you very much, but I'll make some cheesecake out of cream cheese, heavy cream, and other REAL foods. I'm well aware of what's good to eat that is non-sugary, non-starchy, so that won't be a problem. Getting that "adequate protein" is the tricky part for me right now, although I've done well with it as of late. Controlling portions and calories goes against everything I've ever done with livin' la vida low-carb, so that's gonna be hard.

But I'm game for it and starting today I'm doing all of this. I'm gonna go low-carb product-free as an experiment and see if it makes a difference in my weight. I feel fantastic right now health-wise, but the sustained weight hovering around 260 is getting old quick. Even my stepmom Faye said to me during my visit to Tennessee earlier this week, "Oh no, Jimmy, you're not gaining back all that weight again are you?" What a slap in the face when I'm busting my butt trying to figure out what's going on. I'll be blogging more about this soon.

In the meantime, you can track my progress on this new diet experiment to see what if any impact cutting out the low-carb products will have. Based on my previous experience, it's not gonna do anything to help with this issue I have now. I've eaten these things throughout my 180-pound weight loss and ever since, so why would it suddenly be impacting me now? I don't understand that logic at all.

Here we are, though. I'm doing it and you can see what I'm eating atmy low-carb menus blog. I'll share how my weight is doing each day along with the meals I am eating. I'm not convinced this is the answer, but nothing else has worked yet--WHAT THE HECK! :)
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What's your workout routine? Is your doctor suggesting any changes to it?
I lift weights twice a week and get in some recreational cardio playing volleyball and basketball. My doctor said nothing about the exercise.
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