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My Life in Numbers

Posted Nov 29 2012 2:26pm

I am totally stealing this idea from Elaine , who totally stole it from Greta . I was only thinking that in the past week, I've been shoving commercial posts down your throats and it was time for something a littler more personal. But instead of just rambling as per the usual, this seemed like a more unique idea.

And so it goes. 


33.5 - The number of years I've been on this Earth

3 - The number of colleges I've attended

2 - The number of degrees I have

0 - The number of times I've been married

3 - The number of states I've lived in

1992 - The year I was Bat Mizvah'd

5 - The number of jobs I've had since college graduation

2 - The number of countries I've lived in

9 - The number of addresses I've had (I think - this is tricky)

3 - The number of URLs I own

2 - The number of first cousins I have

1 - The number of siblings I have

2007 - The year I joined twitter

5.5 - The number of tweets I've averaged a day since

6 - The number of meals this week I have had SOUP for (I have walking pneumonia - it sucks)

6 - The number of hours of sleep I try to get on a weeknight

4 - The number of hours of sleep I usually get on a weeknight

4 - The number of great-grandparents I had (alive) when I was born

6 - The amount of pairs of shoes I just gave to Goodwill


I could go on forever with odds and ends... What are some of YOUR numbers?


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