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My Illogical Overweight Mind

Posted Apr 22 2013 5:18am

Here is how I often thought when I was obese.

I would not eat these because they had too many calories:

Good food I wouldn't eat while dieting

But I would eat this:

cake on a table

I would think this way all on the same day.

Looking back, I don’t really know what I was thinking. There I was sitting in my kitchen chewing on a brownie that I had no business making the night before or finishing off the last several slices of cake, thinking that I would just skip the salad for dinner or the apple for snack because I needed to cut calories.


The interesting thing was that I did this over and over again. I’d be actively trying to lose weight and decide that I would not eat the apple, but didn’t really think twice about eating the entire chip bag. Or, I did think twice but rationalized that if I skipped the healthier food then I might still magically lose weight eating the cake or chips or whatever junk food happened to catch my interest at the moment.

Have you ever had these kind of illogical thoughts and actions while trying to lose weight? In some ways, what I used to do is similar to feeling as though you really can eat half a pizza because you exercised for 30 minutes. Surely one cancels out the other, or so we sometimes think.

What is about dieting and weight loss that causes us to occasionally throw logic and clear thinking out the window?

I’m really not sure and I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.  Diane

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