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My Hour Without Social Media

Posted Apr 24 2013 8:59pm


Don't laugh, people. An hour without social media is an ETERNITY.

And it wasn't just that. I shut my iPhone off completely. Lest I be tempted to look.

I've been struggling with my schedule lately. I've been suffering from a major case of "FOMO," which is the "Fear of Missing Out" (known as "FOMA," or, "Fear of Missing Action," in some circles). I've been booking up weeknights like crazy and am rarely home before 10. I'm waking up later in the mornings and taking advantage of the flexibility my new job has schedule-wise (they don't need me right at nine, by 10 is fine), but I'm exhausted a lot. And it's more than just lack-of-sleep-tired. I'm worn OUT. I'm restless. I'm achy.

I was spending a rare night home on the couch, trying to make myself relax. I don't know if forcing myself to relax is a contradiction of terms, but there you have it. My mind was wandering and I was thinking about some stuff pertaining to Social Media Club  when my mind wandered right to our February panel in which someone suggested taking a night off from social media. And I suddenly wondered if I could do it.

Impulsively, I closed my laptop and shut off my iPhone. I turned on "The Voice" and sat back to try and enjoy a peaceful hour with nothing but the bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to amuse me. 

Seriously, they're adorable and hilarious. Plus, Shakira and Usher are WAY better than Cee Lo and Christina. 

But anyway....

It was incredibly hard for the first half hour. I'd hear something on TV and want to look it up or I'd have a thought and battle an impulse to flip my phone on to record it in Evernote. I considered that I could open my laptop just to play some Solitaire while I watched TV (I do that a lot). But I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. 

80 minutes later I was calm. I wasn't 100% zen but damned if I wasn't in a more peaceful spot than I was the hour before. It sounds exaggerated, I know, but at some point I realized I wasn't imagining my inbox filling up and my twitter feed pinging. I wasn't looking forward to logging back on as much as I was dreading it, knowing what a necessity it is.

Take an hour a couple nights a week, people. Take more. I predict a social media free EVENING in my future. Maybe a day? One small step for man.... 


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