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My Goal to Lose 50 Pounds by Jan 1, 2008

Posted by Jon L.

Hello Everyone: I am new to wellsphere and my goal is to lose 50 pounds by 2008. I've gotten down to 325 and I would really love to break the 300 pound barrier by Labor Day! I would appreciate any advice that you have in trying to stick with a routine, or things that I can do more of or with better technique! I have visited a nutritionist and i am trying to stick to a relatively easy schedule of eating every two hours and avoiding junk food. I am go walking everyday and I've started to try and jog a lap or two in my workout to try and push my cardio along. I've been averaging a mile a day. I have at my disposal some wonderful home workout machines. I have a treadmill, which is good for a natural walking motion when there is bad weather. I have a recumbant exercise bike for when I need to get some reading done. My two favorite pieces of exercise equipment are the Gazelle Freestyle Elite (as seen on TV by Tony Little) and the Bean. The Gazelle is wonderful because you can really give yourself a good cardio workout without any impact on any of your joints. The only downside is that if you are big, then your legs can rub together which is a little uncomfortable, but just more incentive to lose weight. The bean is wonderful. They have this super crunch which you can really feel attacking your abs, gluts, quads, and love handles. I figure that the diet alone will help get my metabolism on track and the exercise will help me slowly and safely lose the weight and keep it off. Now I just need to stay on track! You guys have any ideas for things that I can do better? I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance, ~Jon~
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I'm impressed. It seems like you're right on track to keep melting off lbs. Just like your nutritionist advised, I've always found the trick to eating your way fit, is to eat small frequent (healthy) meals. That keeps the metabolism high, so we're not as tempted to binge on unhealthy stuff, and we never feel "starved". My advice is to commit to cutting out as much sugar (and as possible and only eat whole grain breads and pastas. Don't be fooled. If bread says "wheat bread" or "made with whole wheat" then it's almost always mostly white refined flour. They'll even dye it and throw in some bran to make it look whole wheat, but it's got to say 100% Whole Wheat or it's fake stuff. If you're not used to whole wheat, it will take a while to get used to it, but eventually you'll like it even more. As far as exercise goes, I think the main thing is to just get up and move. I don't think it matters if you walk one day and use your gazelle machine the next, as long as make sure you get at least 1/2 hour of motion in a day. I really am impressed though! Sounds like you're serious about getting in shape, so hang in there.
I like that you are sticking with a mile a day for now. I think that gradual progress is best for a complete lifestyle change. I need to give myself to get used to the "new me" and make each little change a strong habit before making a new change. Are you posting your progress somewhere?
You've really taken your goal seriously, and I wish you all the best in achieving it! A couple of ideas food-wise: 1. Sprinkle cinnamon on a meal or snack, such as a yogurt and fruit combo, daily. Cinnamon is a blood stabilizer so it helps to cut down on sugar cravings. 2. Simple snacks between meals makes a huge difference. A handful of almonds (about 16), slices of cheese with an apple, or some protein such as grilled chicken or beans are all helpful in maintaining a stable metabolism. Not only do I really enjoy these snacks, I also find them easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.
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