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My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiimmeee...

Posted Jan 10 2010 12:00am
No not really... but I did head out last night.

Let's rewind to yesterday morning though... I weighed in after 2 weeks of holidays and one missed weigh in. The verdict. Up up up 2.4 lbs. Whoo... I'd like to thank the week long bender, several bellinis, a burger, 2 banana xangos and avocado spring rolls... you were all very worth every bit of the 2.4 lbs.

Moving on...

Last night I went to Milestones with the T.O. Bloggies. I thought I left my house at a pretty reasonable time but of course I didn't account for stupid downtown traffic. I HATE DRIVING DOWNTOWN TORONTO. LOATHE IT. In any case I finally got where I needed to be... a half hour late. I'm a rock star... what can I say?

Good thing I had already looked at the menu online and meandered through the nutritional information... my choice was made before I got there. The ladies had already ordered which was good because I didn't really have any time to change my mind or be swayed by any of their choices.

I decided on

California Spring Salad
Baby greens, mild goat cheese, fresh sliced strawberries, red onion and spicy-glazed pecans

It was amazingly good. I'd like another today thanks. That's my addictive personality kicking in.

After dinner I was craving something sweet and I really couldn't shake the craving so with 4 POINTS left for the night I decided on Starbucks with the rest of the ladies. I ordered a tall non-fat Earl Grey Tea Misto. 120 cal, no fibre, no fat, BIG SMILE!

Something about that wasn't enough for me so after digging my my purse for something I came out with a 1 point cookies and cream WW snack that I got from my meeting as a free sample. SCORE! It was like winning the lottery... I couldn't have been happier. I am THAT big of a loser.

After lots of gabbing and creepy old men, we got our picture taken... love ya ladies but we look really odd posing in a line. We're missing Kate and Enz.

So that was last night.

This morning I got up (sore arms STILL... I did the bloody class on Thursday) and decided on a light breakfast of yogurt, all bran buds and chopped pecans with a side of Green Tea.

I may go for a little jog on the treadmill later or just do some pilates. My arms are so unimpressed by me. I've never been sore for this long. That is the last time I take so much time off from weight training.

Smooches all!

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