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My Fit Memoir: Lance!

Posted Dec 22 2011 10:09pm
Heyy Brickhouses!!

 LGI Fit loves the fellas!! Our next Fit Memoir is my Mia's- best friend- Dee's- father Lance!! *takes deep breath*

This fit journey is personal for me because from 2008-2010 I was going through virtually the same EXACT experience. Both Lance and I, and our significant others had gained a substantial amount of weight after the birth of our daughters. Any couple that has experienced a pregnancy, usually can identify with the cravings and late night runs to fast food restaurants! Jamal and I both worked at Cracker Barrel during my pregnancy so you can imagine the overindulgence that happened for nine months. The problem usually lies AFTER the pregnancy, where the eating habits of the last nine months continues, lack of exercise continues, and  possible  mommy/daddy blues set in.
Lance set up in his mind that his mental and physical health would be of utmost importance! Here is his story, prepare to be INSPIRED!!!
Dude! Ah-mazing loss!
  • I am a pre-med major and I'm planning to have a career in preventative medicine, I needed to be a model of what is was to be healthy.  How can someone listen to a fat doctor who is telling them to eat better?
  • I had tons of clothes from when I was thinner that could not fit me.  I refused to buy clothes to advocate my unhealthy lifestyle.  I needed to lose the weight to get back into my clothes.  Going shopping for clothes was a long and tedious process.  There were times when I needed to get an outfit for a special occasion and I ended up not going to events due to the depression and laborious process of shopping.
  • My confidence was shattered.  I needed to rebuild it.  Still in process of rebuilding it. Once I get to my goal weight...I'll be ecstatic and much more confident and that will have a positve overall effect on my life.
  • That's Dee when she was almost two!! Lance is in the back. Significant change!
    (2009) Precious Dee again and her daddy :)
    Lance October 2011

    On Dee's fourth birthday December 2011

    Do you have a father, brother, cousin, significant other, or male friend that needs motivation to get healthy? What have you done to help motivate them?
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