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my first wrestling match

Posted Dec 05 2009 6:11pm
Last night the family and I went and saw Kevin compete in his first wrestling match. We saw 2 actually. But sadly he didn't win either. But it was pretty unfair since he was wrestling in the 189 lbs weight class when he's only 170. Since this is his first year wrestling some of the longer time wrestlers get dibs on the weight classes.

Today though I could tell Kevin really wanted me to go see him wrestle again since he would be in his own weight class. I really wanted him to get his first win too so I went and stuck around for the rest of the matches (4 total). I will confess it was super exciting. I loved yelling for Kevin since it's not like me to do that. He won 2 of the matches which I was soooo happy about. It was nice my old renter is one of his coaches too because then he was filling me in on things. His wife showed up too so we got to chat. She's pregnant which I was so excited for them about. They've only been married since August so they work fast lol.

I also spent about 5 hours with Kevin's girlfriend today. It was a little uncomfortable but I really tried hard to make the best of it. I think she got to see a different side of me. I had packed lunch for all 3 of us but she didn't want to eat and neither did Kevin. It was clear to me that there are big time problems between them. They just didn't seem happy to see each other. I made a comment like "you two should have smiles on your faces" so after that they did try a bit harder to be better with each other. I felt sad for both of them since it just doesn't make sense to me why stay with a person if they don't make you happy. Anyway, I kept my mouth shut and made the best of it.

After the matches I followed the bus back to the school and then Kevin and I headed home. Then I headed to the gym. I had told myself I was going to put in 2 hours today so I did. I am totally exhausted right now but happy I got in my workout. It was kind of weird going to the gym and having only 1 other person in there. A few more did arrive while I was there. I tried the assisted dip machine. I tried to do a dip on my own but it just wasn't happening. My new workouts are tough. My arms and legs feel like they want to fall off lol.

Mike's in bed sick. I hope I don't catch it. I really can't afford to be sick right now. Really he can't afford to be sick either. It might be Kevin and I trying to put the new window in over at the cottage tomorrow lol. I told him we have to finish everything up over there by tomorrow. I have to put an ad up for the place this week.

Every night I feel like I want to call someone but then talk myself out of it. A part of me would like to talk to one of my sisters but I think I'll probably wait till it's closer to Christmas. My niece still hasn't called me back or emailed. I've still been feeling kind of bad about that too. I wish I could let it go but I just can't seem to. I hate when I have things that bug me like that.

Well I'm worn out.

Till tomorrow...
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