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My first day on Wellsphere

Posted Apr 25 2008 5:05am 3 Comments

I'd not heard of this site before (maybe because I'm in the UK? I'm still feeling my way around all the great stuff and wishing there was a 'beginners guide' to tell me what some of the stuff means. Like what's a white board? and what's the difference between that and a journal entry?

I'm heare to try to help myself stay on track with weightloss, healthy eating, and exercise.

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Welcome to Wellsphere! I hope you're enjoying your experience on here. You can definitely find plenty of cheerleaders on this site to support and encourage you as you work toward your goals.

A whiteboard is like a personal message board for members. Other members can send you information, words of encouragement, etc. on your whiteboard. Your journal helps you keep track of your progress and keep your friends informed.

Enjoy Wellsphere! It's great to have you here!

A whiteboard posts messages that everyone can see. If you click the send a message button it sends a private email.

Hope you're having fun!

My name is Lela and I'm the moderator for the Healthy Eating communities! I hope you'll find all the tips and tricks here to make your everyday choices easier and tastier! Use this whiteboard for messages between you and other members. Use your journal to keep track of your goals! Thanks for joining us and please let me know how I can help. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see here, let me know that too.
Glad to have you,
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