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My Experience with the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning 9 Day System – Part 1

Posted Dec 07 2009 7:25pm
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Disclaimer: An Isagenix consultant paid for my 9 day cleanse program, however the results and opinions shared are purely my own and I am under no obligation to report on the results one way or another.

Shortly after returning from my Nutrilite trip I was contacted by an Isagenix consultant who believed that I could benefit from the health benefits of Isagenix nutritional cleansing. I initially ignored the request but eventually after numerous emails I decided it was worth giving it a try. Skeptical but intrigued not only in the possibility for actually losing weight but also for trying to use this as a means to shake lose the dicipline I have been lacking lately I decided to give it a shot and document here the results.

Here is how they describe the program:

The Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System is a comprehensive system packed with life-enriching nutrients to strengthen your body's ability to cleanse and replenish naturally. Each product plays an essential role in the cleaning and replenishing process to help you discover your body's true health potential.

The schedule for the 9 Day System is actually an 11 day process because it includes a couple of "pre-cleanse" days to prepare you. So overall the program is 2 pre-cleanse days, 2 cleanse days, 5 shake days and finally 2 more cleanse days.

I'm tracking my progress through the program which I will publish in a couple of parts. Here's Part 1:

Pre-Cleanse Day #1
A pre-cleanse day is basically the same as a shake day so I started the day off replacing breakfast with an IsaLean Chocolate shake. The instructions called for 8 ounces of purified water and ice and two scoops of the shake mix to be blended together. I don't know what purified water is but I figured the filtered water from my refrigerator would be good enough so I used that. And 8 ounces of water didn't seem like it would make a big enough shake so I used more like 12, which I was later regretting when I couldn't drink the whole shake! The IsaShake tastes pretty similar to other whey protein shakes I have had although since I make those with skim milk this one had a little different consistency and taste. It was actually pretty good, very rich and filling and like I said, I couldn't even drink it all. 8 ounces for me next time! I also had a Natural Accelerator capsule.

IsaGenix 9 Day Cleanse

There are a number of snack options available but I was so busy this day that I got right to lunch without worrying about hunger. For lunch I had a turkey sub at Subway, had mustard instead of mayo, with no olive oil. I did have cheese, which is something I should cut out. Much better than my normal Subway Tuna Sandwich. I did try a snack later in the day and one of the snack options are something included in the program which is called IsaDelight, which are small chocolate pills (they call them wafers, but wafers imply something thin and light, and these are no wafers). They were simply nasty. My IsaGenix consultant has suggested that I have to eat them no matter how nasty they are, but I am going to take a pass. Just not going to work for me.

I had a long drive home so I did have a protein bar for a snack during the drive, then when I got home I had some celery and some fruit, but I did not have another IsaLean shake like the program called for. Still, I felt overall like it was a good day.

Pre-Cleanse Day #2
On this day I really didn't follow the program at all, however I did eat sensibly throughout the day, which after all is my ultimate goal. For breakfast I had a banana and some yogurt, for lunch I had a turkey wrap with a small side salad and for a snack I had a protein bar. Luckily for me when I got home my wife had made dinner but my son had some friends over so there really wasn't too much left for me – but it was enough to satisfy me. I also ate a reasonable amount of pineapple, celery and orange peppers. I also had a Natural Accelerator capsule in the morning.

Cleanse Day #1
Cleansing days are tough. The plan calls for having 4 eight ounce glasses of water each mixed with four ounces of Cleanse for Life liquid (a powder is also available but my plan came with the liquid), another 8 or more glasses of water throughout the day, and up to 6 snacks which as you already know I will not be using the IsaDelights. What is a snack on a cleanse day? A raw organic almond. A single almond. Oh man!

I was up pretty early in the morning and had a couple of glasses of water, then later I had a Natural Accelerator capsule and then had my first glass of water mixed with the Cleanse for Life. It was actually really tasty! I was sure it was going to be nasty but it wasn't – this is something I wouldn't mind drinking, which is good because I'm supposed to have 4 glasses of the stuff today.

My wife and I ran a number of errands and at one point when I was getting a little hungry we were at Sam's Club and one of the food samples was almonds, so I took the 5-6 they were offering and ate them for a snack. OK – so they were dusted with cocoa powder, but still – I thought I was still being good.

We got home about 2:00 and I had another Cleanse for Life which still tasted as good as it did in the morning. Then I start to feel pretty tired. The afternoon was tough. At about 6:00 I succumbed to my hunger and ate some leftover chicken we had in the fridge, then I had some crackers, then I had some cookies my daughter made. On a normal day not a bad dinner at all. On a cleanse day, not so good. So I almost made it.

Cleanse Day #2
I weighed 294 this morning, down 5 pounds from when I started the program and lower than I have been for some time. It's good to see progress, although I know this is just water weight. But down is good and I'll take it. I can't fully credit Isagenix since I have not been great at following the plan, but on the other hand I have to fully credit Isagenix because it has forced me to think carefully about what I am putting in my mouth and that is something I know I have to get better at.

My results for the second day of the cleanse were about equal to the first. Followed the plan well until late in the day when I succumbed to my hunger and possibility even my boredom – how much do we eat simply because we are bored? – and so once again I fell off plan around dinner time. It surely didn't help that this was NFL Sunday and my Vikings were playing the night game. Although in hindsight it turned out to be nothing good to watch.

Shake Day #1
I knew today was going to be a challenge for me because I had a team outing planned for dinner. I started the day well with a shake and a supplement, had a good Subway sandwich for lunch and then ended the day at a pizza buffet. Yep, I admit it. I tried to fill my plate with salad when I could, and fortunetly the pizza slices were small so I think all in all I handled that pretty well. No question that my calories for the day were way down from normal and more in line for where they needed to be.

At this point in the program I don't know that I would make a place for Isagenix beyond this test, however it has been a good wakeup call for me to think about my eating and ultimately I have seen more weight loss than I have seen in a long while so I am happy about that.

I'll report on the final 6 days in Part 2.

Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

My Experience with the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning 9 Day System – Part 1

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